What was the Greatest Launch Title of all Time?

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What was the greatest launch title of all time?

Combat 0 0.00%
Super Mario Bros. 20 12.20%
Super Mario World 19 11.59%
Virtua Fighter (Saturn) 2 1.22%
Twisted Metal 2 1.22%
Super Mario 64 32 19.51%
Halo Combat Evolved 16 9.76%
Twilight Princess 3 1.83%
Breath of the Wild 64 39.02%
Other 6 3.66%


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Tetris, an it isn't even in the poll...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Darwinianevolution said:
Tetris, an it isn't even in the poll...

Just two days ago I was explaning to my younger son about GB and Tetris. Honestly, no matter how much some other titles helped their consoles to become successful, I can't think of better example than Tetris and GB.

Breath of the Wild, but I am surprised Wii Sports isn’t an option considering it was vastly more popular than Twilight Princess and commercially speaking the most successful launch title in history.

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Most Important: Super Mario Bros.

Personal Favorite: Either Super Mario 64 or Halo CE

From a purely historical standpoint, SMB was the most important. It was the game that put the NES on the map in the West, and by doing so helped to revitalized the console market, which had been essentially dead at that point after the Crash of '83. It also set the standard for platforming games, and moved the medium as a whole forward in other ways. For most people, it was one of the first if not the first game to largely eschew the arcade-style game design that revolved around playing an endless game until you run out of lives/quarters, racking up the highest score you can. While SMB had points (which did figure into gameplay in ways still used by side-scrolling entries in the series) and lives, racking up a high score wasn't the point. The game had a definite beginning, middle, and end. It was the first game I ever played that felt like a proper adventure.

But Super Mario 64 and Halo CE are still my favorite launch titles. SM64 was an incredibly fun and well-crafted adventure, and Nintendo not only showed that 3D platforming could be done well, they honestly put just about everyone else to shame in that category as it came from a time where 3D games in general struggled to have honestly good gameplay and were often plagued by poor controls and terrible cameras. The sheer variety of levels, the challenge of earning all 120 stars, and the simple joy of navigating Mario in these new free-roaming 3D worlds made SM64 my favorite game of Gen 5 by a wide margin.

Halo CE is still probably my favorite FPS campaign ever, and I still play it regularly. Halo's then-unique formula made for some imminently satisfying combat, and later games in the series often struggled to replicate that experience in the same way. The multiplayer was fun and I enjoyed the time spent playing LANs with friends in the early to mid 00s (though playing it online through the MCC has revealed several glaring flaws I never noticed back in the LAN days). I'd also vote Halo CE as the second most important launch title. While it didn't have the same level of impact as the original SMB did 16 years before, it not only single-handedly established the Xbox brand, it helped move the FPS genre forward in many ways, and some of the gameplay innovations it either pioneered or popularized are still the norm in the genre.

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Jumpin said:
Breath of the Wild, but I am surprised Wii Sports isn’t an option considering it was vastly more popular than Twilight Princess and commercially speaking the most successful launch title in history.

Maybe because it was a tech demo.

One of the best games of all time full stop. That fact that it was a launch title is just an added bonus.

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gamingsoul said:
S.Peelman said:

Super Mario 64.

Breath of the Wild is a good contender, but Super Mario 64 still takes it for me. The game was basically perfect, groundbreaking, and became a standard for all other 3D games to follow because of it. Besides that though it was also a lot of fun to play. It had tons of variety, intelligent level design with loads of secrets to discover. It has one of the most memorable soundtracks in the history of gaming, and I can still play pretty much all of it in my head at any time. Control was flawless, and in new games the question often comes to me how a lot of things are still worse than what Super Mario 64 did. Also, no non-Nintendo launch game ever came close to the big Nintendo launch titles. They are the undisputed king of launch titles, with some even remaining a console’s best game all the way until the end. What other console manufacturer ever launched with a Mario 64, Breath of the Wild or Wii Sports? Hell even a Luigi’s Mansion.

With the first 2 I agree but wii sports? I never understood why the world went crazy with that one trick pony, and luigi’s Mansion was pretty average, nice atmosphere but very repetitive gameplay.

Because it was novel, accessible, and fun.

Controlling a video game with movements was a new and exciting concept that felt downright futuristic at the time, and Wii Sports' simple, pick-up-and-play style allowed people who'd never even played a video game to quickly learn and enjoy it.

As a result, it became a highly social game, a centerpiece of parties and family gatherings, which added to the fun as people laughed and cheered each other on and passed the Wiimotes around so everybody could have a go. It brought people together; young and old, male and female, those who'd gamed before and those who hadn't.

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Mario 64, simply because it was the most revolutionary game in history. It changed gaming.

I wouldn't say games like SMW, Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, BotW, or whatever. They're absolutely great games but I feel a great launch game should justify the upgrade to new hardware (offer something you can't find similar anywhere else). Also Halo is disqualified because it's on Xbox.

SM64 and Wii Sports were kinda like "Oh my God! This is the future!" like experiences. Other consoles had moments like that but not many consoles launched with games like that on day one.

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