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I finally made a second level. If you come across this post, please give it a try. "Mansion Mix-Up" is a SMW ghost house. This is my first attempt at any kind of puzzle stage, but hopefully it still feels like an actual Mario level.


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Would love for someone to play the first level I've made! It's meant to be very difficult and a trial and error sort of level, so maybe don't play if that kind of thing frustrates you. I know I'm no expert maker and it's my first level, so would love to hear feedback!


5TM VB3 R9G (this is me learning the basics)

also my first lvl GL7HJY 3CG

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Too bad I can’t post a screenshot through miiverse anymore, but anyway. I made two levels;

Beetle River Mystery : 68V-4T5-M5G
A mildly claustrophobic level with some simple puzzels. Jungle themed with underwater subworld parts. I have to be honest, I think it’s a bit annoying, but it looks pretty.

Nightly Skytrain to Goombatown : WLL-VLT-19G
Straightforward platforming level of mediocre length. Technically airship themed, with a regular themed subworld (the inside of the train). I’d say this one came out pretty well.

It’s strange though, barely anyone played these levels yet, even though Mario Maker is hot right now. On MM1 on WiiU however, my earlier levels, made in the game’s prime, had hundreds of plays fairly quickly, and some were starred over 60 times.

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And a third one;

Speedy Escape from King Thwomp : 7V1-MCN-CSG
A short 30 second speedrun in the dark. Super Mario World Haunted House theme. Not that difficult, a bit of trail and error.

I’ll play you guy’s levels soon as well.

This is my first level, hope you all enjoy it!!


Tagging. I'm gonna start playing some of these levels right now.

I just started playing the game today. I own a Wii U, and owned a 3DS, but never played Maker on either. So, this is my first exposure to Mario Maker. I'm curious to see whether I'll enjoy making levels myself. But, first, I'm gonna play some levels that others have made.

benji232 said:
My first level! Was created a few days ago and not a sinle playthrough yet. Nothing special but would love if someone gave it a shot! D7T-95F-H6G

I've given it about 10 tries, and I can't make the island to island jump.  I see how to do it, I'm just screwing it up, and have lost patience.....

I like the level in general.  But, I think I'd prefer if there were more than one chance to make the jump before having to go back through the sub level to make the fish respawn...... unless I'm missing something. 

RetroGamer94 said:
So I was able to complete my first level: 7VD-PFN-XNG. It’s kind of long but that was on purpose. There are multiple ways to win and secret hidden areas. It’s a ghost house themed level from Super Mario World. More of a puzzler level.

There’s a main and a sub level(hidden)

Let me know what you guys think of my first one. It was a bit of an experiment just to get to know everything.

I played through once.  I like it a lot.  I can see that I'll need to give it a few more runs to get everything out of it though.  I have very little basis for comparison, not having played many courses yet.  But, this seems very good to me.