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This one I threw together on the fly. I would like a genuine reaction/review. Even if the player didn't enjoy.


HINT: If you can find the feather there's a shortcut to the goal.

Insert Coin. Press START. You Died. Continue?

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New one;

Hotel Mario

Short maze level. And yes, inspired by...

This died out a lot faster than I anticipated.
If anyone here is down to swap levels lmk. I would even like to make one with somebody. That's a great feature in the game.

Insert Coin. Press START. You Died. Continue?

I just uploaded my fourth level, "Opposites Attacked". It is a tiny/huge level that I spent a lot of time on. The course ID is WJV-8JS-MKG

I would love to see this thread become more popular. I will continue to play SMM2 for a long time. It may take me a while to upload levels, though because I enjoy playing just as much as creating.

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Hey guys, long time since I checked this thread but I haven’t had any time to play games lately, over the holidays I’ll be playing some, first one I checked out was SMM2 legendary Update! I made a level over the last few days:

Name: Doc.Stalk 2-2 Link’s Adventure
Code: L5P-C69-JTG
Version: SMB
Type: Ground Night/castle sub level
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

This is my first Link Level, so I didn’t go to crazy, however I kept adding as I got other ideas, so it is quite long. There are a few mini bosses and a final boss. I will definitely be making a few more link inspired levels, if you guys could give it a run and give me some feedback on the parts you liked/didn’t like I’d appreciate it. I put a lot of effort in making levels lol, normally takes me 10’s hours per level.

I’m going to go through this and see if I’ve missed some ones you guys have posted and give them a go!