Dutch national railroad is going to compensate the people deported to concentration camps

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Jews are going to have a much more difficult job playing the holocaust guilt card to exert influence over European countries and America as whites become a smaller and smaller segment of the population of those countries. It's unclear to me why they are being more and more obnoxiously demanding in the manner of OP's story lately. Are they just trying to milk us for everything they can get before they escape the sinking ship? A world without sympathetic whites is going to be a dark place for Jews and yet it seems like they can't help themselves from bringing it about by antagonizing us.

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Forgot to answer how I feel about this.

The money spent for this is peanuts in comparison to the large tax loopholes the Netherlands grant to big corporations who do business all across the EU.

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Not sure how I feel about that compensation. If they had done it sooner it would have made more sense, and they probably couldn't have refused Hitler anyway.

NightDragon83 said:
When I first read the headline I thought this was going to be about the situation on the southern US border with all the left wing Democrats and media figures constantly comparing the makeshift housing centers for illegal immigrants to actual concentration camps.

"It's not a concentration camp. It's just a place where we hold children against their will under armed guards, malnourished, with no soap, toothpaste, or anything to sleep on, where several have died. Oh... and it's located inside a concentration camp."

And illegal is an incorrect term.

The federal misdemeanor, § 1325, is improper entry. It's a misdemeanor, not a felony. The law is written as improper (not illegal) entry.
If you're convicted under § 1325 and return without authorization you may then be charged under federal felony, § 1326, for re-entry. That's it. Those are the only two immigration crimes in the United States of America.

As far as I know, no child has ever been tried under § 1325 (or therefore under § 1326). So to write, as so many reporters surprisingly do, that a child entered "illegally" is ignorant.

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Hmm my grandfather (father's side) was transported to a Nazi work camp in the second world war where he spend many years. He never wanted to talk about it. Yet since he is no Jew, Roma or Sinti he would have been left out. (He died 5 years ago)

My grandmother (mother's side) spend time in a Japanese concentration camp where she lost her first child from malnutrition. Why pry open old wounds with this almost 75 years later.

I need some historic facts on this. This could either be the right thing to do or just some young people wanting to pat themselves on the back for undoing a "wrong" of their grandparents with other people's money.

Basically, the question is whether the railway complied at gunpoint or were eager collaborators. If they were in it for the money, then by all means, pay up. But if they did what they had to do to keep their brains in their skulls and their children safe, then I'm not going to judge those people.

I didn't see any such nuance in the articles, so I'll abstain from a final opinion for now.