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did you know etika was missing 5 days?

Yes 16 26.23%
No 45 73.77%
Pinkie_pie said:
Why is this in nintendo section? Did he only play games on nintendo?

His content was like 95% nintendo stuff...

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I've never watched any of his videos, but judging by the news/drama surrounding him I think he suffers/ed from uncontrollable self-destructive impulses. People like that need intense (professional) psychological care.

I was like 'I never have heard about him' but then I searched on google and I am subscribed to him because he was one of the people I followed for watching live reactions. I don't know what is going on and feel a bit lost in words.

This actually upsets me a great deal. I mean, lately it was weird and some crazy stuff happening surrounding him. But I think back to when I followed his stream and they were really entertaining to me. This fucking sucks.

Dunno how he got released twice from psychiatric wards, I guess can't really judge as I don't know all the facts but it's weird that the dude is posting about being a god and being the anti-christ, livestreams cops breaking into his apartment, and then later assaults a cop and he's just released when he clearly had a ton of mental issues. I hope he was being helped as much as they could and he wasn't neglected.

I'd say I hope it turns out the body isn't his, but then I'm just wishing the death of a loved one on another family instead. I just hope everything that could be done was done to help him.

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Well just reading some post here seems like he had major issues. Shows that even "stardom" can't resolve underlying issues just like being rich. Sad part is the way mental health is treated in USA. Instead of sticking him in insane asylum like in decades past now we just pump them full of God only knows what drugs.

Sometimes they might help even though not really for most drug treatments. My cousin is bat shit crazy but when he takes lithium it actually almost turns him into a normal human being. I believe he recently went off his meds and was drinking heavy which resulted in DWI. Least he hasn't hurt anyone yet that I know of except maybe ruining his relationship with his family.

Have seen some of his reaction videos. Hope hes ok.

Holy smokes, hope he's okay. Damn!

What the fuck?!

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Man, that would be horrible. I recently passed through a video titled "I'm sorry", didn't even watch it for one minute, but the guy didn't look very good. He seemed tired, sad and sick.