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Do you prefer first-person gameplay or third-person gameplay?

First-person 15 27.27%
Third-person 40 72.73%

Everything that requires me to point and aim something is terrible in 3rd person.

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In general, third person perspective. I do enjoy first-person games like Doom and Wolfenstein as well and wouldn't want those in third-person, but I prefer to see my player character.

Third person all the way.
I really dislike the first person view, it never gives me the view that my personal peripheral vision gives me and the movement on the screen annoys me quite a lot.
The only games I managed to finish in 1st person were Far Cries. And even climbing those towers in 1st person... ridiculous.
It's trying to be lifelike but fails miserably, imho.

First person, generally speaking. That's because I like games where I aim at stuff. If I liked games where I'm jumping on stuff then my answer might be different. Aiming at stuff in third person isn't nearly as not frustrating.

I also like to immerse myself in the character I'm playing and I don't get that with third person. First person is like driving a car; third person is like watching a car that you're steering by remote control.

I enjoy both, but now that VR and Motion are a reality, I only have interest in 1st person games that take advantage of that tech.

3rd parson I am fine with TV and Game pad, but prefer VR + Game pad.

I feel like 1st person is better suited to simulation type experiences where I am supposed to live the story, while 3rd person is better for experiencing the story of other characters.

Examples of what I would like to see in the future.

Halo Infinite - Windows Mixed Reality + Motion

Killzone - PSVR 2 + PS Move 2

Horizon 2 - PSVR 2 + DS5

God of War 2 - PSVR 2 + DS5

Gears of War 6 - Windows Mixed Reality + Xbox Gamepad

Metroid - Switch VR + Motion

Mario Odyssey 2 - Switch VR + Gamepad

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I concur that it depends on the game. Mostly I like third person, though, especially if I get to make my own character and customize their appearance. That's kind of wasted in first person.

Third person. A first person view would be enough to ruin an otherwise good game for me.

Third-person btw a large margin.
It depends on the game though (exsample : doom is as it should be).

Third person all the way. I feel as the first person view really limits the character as if it dosent exist. Like shooters, your nothing more than a gun. Interact with an object like a door, just opens like if I was psychic(not all games but I really hate it). Character movement is also so limited that makes it less immersive, like dodging is nothing more than walking a bit faster. If you do happen to see the arms move is always so wooden as to not brake the camera view or shake it to much. It just brakes the immersion for me.

As much as it pains me i think im skiping cyberpunk 2077 just for that.

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I don't mind first-person but i prefer third-person

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