Battletoads looks like a cheap basic cable cartoon.

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Do you like Battletoads (2019) art style?

I love it! 6 10.00%
I like it, but it could be better. 11 18.33%
It's okay. 8 13.33%
It's a little bad. 10 16.67%
It's terrible. 25 41.67%

Agreed, I dont like the modern cartoon style. People gave me countless downvotes for my same view on the new Streets of Rage.

But this is just reflective of how cartoons are done these days. Gameplay matters more though.

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The first picture looks to the current demographic like the second picture looks to older people.

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This looks shit.

Who is the target audience of this art style?



Wether the art style is to ones liking or not... it looks mediocre and forgettable.

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I have to say I was disappointing to see they didn't give a glamorous treatment to the reboot. This could have been an AAA beat them up that have been missing on the market.

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Whatever, I think it looks fun and I am looking forward to playing it.

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Awful, but not as awful as the new SoR.

Visual designs could look better however its still a day one for me. Its bloody Battletoads. I wish they made a full M15+ style game with the visuals of Rash in Killer Instinct however ill take a Battletoads game over a no Battletoads game. The gameplay looks promising and does look like a lot of fun. I hope there are a variety of levels like in the NES version. They seem to be going for a all round general approach with the art style.

Lets not forget they did make that terrible looking cartoon pilot..

But nothing beats the Killer Instinct look.

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gemini_d@rk said:
Some cell phone games from sub 2014 looks like better. Bringing back a game to do this is abominable.

Yea not seeing what other people are seeing that think it looks decent or even okay.  I'd rather play Golden Axe 2 any day over whatever beat em up that is.

eva01beserk said:
Cheap enough to be given free on gamepass. Did you really expect quality from MS apart from halo gears forza? Not happening.

No, I did not, but at least they let Banjo in Smash happen.

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