Battletoads looks like a cheap basic cable cartoon.

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Do you like Battletoads (2019) art style?

I love it! 6 10.00%
I like it, but it could be better. 11 18.33%
It's okay. 8 13.33%
It's a little bad. 10 16.67%
It's terrible. 25 41.67%

Wait till you see what they will do with duke nukem

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I think the art style is okay, but I hope the gameplay is fun. Either way it is coming to game pass so it is day one.

kirby007 said:
Wait till you see what they will do with duke nukem

Someone is makeing a new duke nukem?

In todays SJW era, how is that even possible?
Also I have zero faith anyone can actually do a good new Duke Nukem.

Some cell phone games from sub 2014 looks like better. Bringing back a game to do this is abominable.

The characters and animations are good. The backgrounds are kinda boring.
At last, we see a lot of attack animations and local multiplayer.
This can be a really fun game. Anyone especting a AAA Battletoads is just delusional.

Sorry for my bad english

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The game definitely isn't looking like Ori as far as animation and visual flare but instead goes the Castle Crashers route. This isn't bad as long as the gameplay is fun since my Son and I probably put in over 1000 hours into playing and replaying Castle Crashers.

It looks like a 90's cartoon.

I like it.

Think Rocky's modern life or something.


The art is pretty meh. Just seems like every cheaply drawn reboot from today. Should have tried to stand out. Of course, the worst part is the animation. It's so choppy and they seem to move so sluggishly. The OG Battletoads was about smooth animation and gameplay. Quantity over quality starts to hit, I suppose.

I didn't like how it looked at first either but after seeing some proper gameplay videos of it from E3 I think it looks a lot better in motion tbh, but it still takes some getting used to

it does look like they completely changed the style though, so I get why people who played the originals don't like the new one (I never played them so I dunno)

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That design for the Dark Queen. Goodness. That falls into the category of worst redesigns for a character. It looks like the Dark Queen's cereal commercial villain daughter. I cannot stand the art style in general. I actually inherited the original cart for the NES/SNES games from my aunt when she got rid of her old consoles like two years ago, so my experience with the series is actually relatively recent. I still don't think this is a good direction. But, that's just me.