Battletoads looks like a cheap basic cable cartoon.

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Do you like Battletoads (2019) art style?

I love it! 6 10.00%
I like it, but it could be better. 11 18.33%
It's okay. 8 13.33%
It's a little bad. 10 16.67%
It's terrible. 25 41.67%

The movesets for the characters look diverse. That's a good thing. One thing I can't stand in beat'em ups is doing the same two or three moves over and over again.

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Well isn't this games are intended to be like that? I mean that's the charm of Battle Toad.

That looks.... fine? Not mind blowing or anything but I think it gets the job done.

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It's not how they look as much as how they play.

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Cerebralbore101 said:

Okay so how did we go from this...

To this...

One is an art style trying its best to emulate Ninja Turtles. The other just looks like a cheap kids program on Disney XD. It's like somebody liked all those terrible Turtles reboots  and decided to hire the artists from them. 

Because 28 years have passed and the styles popular with artists and animators are different now than they were then. The original Battletoads wasn't just emulating TMNT. It was also emulating some of the comic book styles popular in the late 80s/early 90s. Could the developer of the new one have chosen to do a deliberate throwback to that old-school aesthetic? Sure. But they didn't. They went for a more modern hyper-stylized look. I don't think that aesthetic looks worse or better than the old stuff... just different. And hyper-stylized looks, whether it's 1980s or 2010s style, fits the kind of goofy over-the-top cartoon action Battletoads is known for. So long as it plays well and is fun, that's what matters. I'm fine with this art style.

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My main issue with the look of the game is that it looks like something that an indie studio could knock out in a couple of months, to think that this is something that MS has been working on in any way for the last 12-24 months means it has to be super low priority for them and basically spent most of the last couple of years with no one working on it, or else they're looking for ways to monitise the game in new and unique ways either via adding in additional paid dlc characters or perhaps make it really classic arcade where you need credits to continue playing the game and each credit is a 25c microtransaction.

I'm just saying though.... a game that looks like that shouldn't take a decent studio more than a few weeks to slap together, the time taken to get it out to the public seems like troubled or no commitment to it being made

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The characters don't really stand out. They are just part of the complete image. With the original game you were really looking at the characters. I don't like the new style at all.

I like it.

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looks like a low budget Cartoon, or some mobile flash game..... this is not how I imagined battletoads to return.

It looks like an Adult Swim game.
Calarts style and cheap animation is the name of the game in cartoons anymore quite sadly and this game has the worst of both.