Witcher 3 and all expansions will be on the card out of the box!

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CD Project Red has done it again!  If there is one developer that has gone out of their way to be pro consumer and has earned my trust, it is CD Project Red.  I am very happy to see they are giving Switch owners a proper physical release format, unlike a few other 3rd party devs.

What are your thoughts on this?  Will you be getting Witcher 3 on the Switch?

Day 1 for me.  I loved it on PS4, but it being a lengthy game left me only going through it once.  Taking it on the go will allow me to experience it all again while making different choices to see how they unfold.

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Also basically confirm it uses a 32GB cart.

Hmm, I'll wait till it comes out before I believe it.

animegaming said:
Also basically confirm it uses a 32GB cart.

Yeah I was wondering about that.  Finally seeing devs take advantage of the 32 gig cart is fantastic and I hope other devs follow suit.  Until I saw that, I was wondering if the 64 gig cart was finally ready to be put to use.

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I... wh... how...


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Pure Switchcraft.

this is literally THE port of ports at this point for Switch that should dispell all the bullshit people say about what it can or can't run 

a graphically intensive open world game that was already 30fps on other consoles and comes with all the DLC on one single cart without cheaping out and forcing you to download the rest of it

good fucking shit CD Project Red, I hope this game sells amazing on Switch just to reward them

this is truly making me question other third parties even more at this point, how the fuck has Activision not put a single Call of Duty on this damn thing

animegaming said:
Also basically confirm it uses a 32GB cart.

Nintendo has to be eating a good chunk of the cost per cart because CD Projekt wouldn't be that nice to them.

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Edit: Nevermind. I still find it hard to believe though, after so long of it being the norm for devs to be anti-consumer cheapskates, a third party actually behaving decently, using the full appropriately sized card, (The 32GB no less) and not forcing the consumer to eat a bulky download just seems to good to be true.

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