What games are you looking forward to in 2019?

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There's a good chance I don't play a single 2019 game this year due to backlog. Plus, I've really put the brakes on purchases for a couple of reasons. I think all I bought this year is God Of War, Detroit, and a game I bought on PSN for 49 cents. Can't remember it's name. Cough-cough. Currently playing one of the best from 2017: Horizon Zero Dawn. I think I love it. Having said all that, if any 2019 game gets bumped ahead in the queue, it will be Death Stranding, or maaaybe, Wolfenstein Youngblood.

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Death Stranding is the only game that has gotten me excited but I'm sure there is more, I usually reserve hype these days until the few days leading up to release or if a huge critical wopper comes out eith pre release reviews.


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Not sure about the release date for these two, it's supposed to be soon so it could be this year.

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I almost forgot about DQB2, and of course the version of Mutant Year Zero that doesn't leave you hanging at the end. 

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