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I definitely agree when speaking about this sequel being cut from the same cloth development wise as MM. This thread originally began as a "proof" that it was a MM sequel. My quote fron Aunoma was just adding to the growing support that it isn't a Majora's Mask sequel. It definitely uses the same assets and engine and will release soon, so in that respect I understand the comparisson. And definitely way darker.

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Zarkho said:

It seems that Link is somehow controling that turquoise hand. Gamexplain has uploaded an analysis of the trailer where you can clearly see how Link uses some kind of power with his hand that turns it to a very similar colour. What intrigues me is the fact that the "hand" over the dead figure, the one Link is supposedly controlling, has claws in the shadow over the wall. Can this mean that Link will have, or will transform into, some sort of evil "alter-ego"?

Yeah, I saw that his hand starts glowing the same way in the trailed. Though I don't imagine he is the one who placed that hand on Ganondorf. Unless that's the twist. But otherwise it looks like someone else did that to seal Ganondorf, or something. Would be interesting if it's hinting at some character we know of.

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Sorry to dissapoint you, but Eiji Aonuma has already confirmed that this game has no connection to MM.


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That artifact that you referred to is actually the Gerudo symbol. It has nothing to do with Majora's Mask.

I hope not, let it be its own animal geez

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Zarkho said:
S.Peelman said:

I think I hear distorted pieces of Ganondorf’s organ theme from OoT’s ascend towards his throne room in his castle as well near the end.

Yep, I thought that too. It's even more obvious when you listen to the audio of the trailer backwards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln5SOiyEn7w.

That music in reverse sounds like the great fairy theme to me... could that be the hand of the great fairy reaching out to him... did anyone check ganon's body to see if he had a bottled fairy? come on guys you need to loot the bodies properly!

Also the body is wearing Calamity Ganon's headpiece from the end of Breath of the Wild

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Ah.... it's not the fairy theme

It's the Sages theme from Ocarina of Time
From this time Stamp

It's this song


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irstupid said:
Fallawful said:
I see what you are saying but, I mean, the trailer is like half minute long. Let's wait and see on the specifics. The only thing I could possibly agree at the moment is that it will likely parallel what Majora's Mask was for Ocarina of Time - a darker, smaller, more story-driven sequel to the first game.

and hot damn this is exactly what I wanted

Majora's Mask was not more story-driven than Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time was all about the story. Majora's Mask was all about the people and side quests. Story of Majora's Mask was just stop the moon. End Story.

If anything BotW is more like Majora's Mask in terms of story. You get the main story in the first like 20 minutes of the game and that's it. 

It's a matter of how we look at it, but to me that is precisely what made it a good story; to me OoT was about completing the dungeons and traversing the world  (let's be honest - the story itself is nothing revolutionary) while MM was driven by the characters in it. I cannot imagine anyone loving Majora's Mask seriously and only having done the bare minimum of stopping the moon. If that's the case they certainly did not play the game for the story, and I dare say that they then missed the story (stories). 

Traversing the world is what BotW is all about. From this perspective it's more similar to OoT. 

This is a zombie Ganondorf for suuuure. It might be someone trying to resurrect him (again). I wouldn't put it above Nintendo to do the bare minimum for a story (I am certainly hoping that they would go story-heavy, though).

i just hope we can revisit link in his boxers again lol...