Ok, E3 presentations are over. Who won?

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Who won E3 2019?

EA 2 0.75%
Microsoft 19 7.17%
PC Gaming show 1 0.38%
Bethesda 4 1.51%
Square Enix 45 16.98%
Ubisoft 5 1.89%
Limited Run 0 0.00%
Devolver Digital 4 1.51%
Nintendo 173 65.28%
Other 12 4.53%

Who won E3 2019. For me, without a doubt it's Nintendo without question. 2nd place is SE. Third place... meh. Keanu Reeves.

What do you guys think? Who are your winners and why?

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Not an amazing year, but Nintendo took it.

Nintendo for me! ...but it's always Nintendo for me...

Nintendo, but Keanu Reeves won overall in my heart 

They destroyed it.
Seiken 3 remake, I will buy a Switch.

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Amnesia said:
They destroyed it.
Seiken 3 remake, I will buy a Switch.

It's also releasing on PS4 and PC lol


I only saw the Microsoft presentation. I won't say who won. I'll have to see what Nintendo announced, though. It must have been epic!

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I'd probably give it to Nintendo just because it was short and they didn't waste my time. Nothing major for me to be excited about though.

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Nintendo won easily. Not even close.

Ubisoft. Tom Clancy was hype.

Nintendo blew it out of the park.