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Which brand is better

Nvidia 15 53.57%
AMD 13 46.43%

As much i love console and AMD support for console, there is no doubt in terms of Graphic tech Nvidia is a head. If Nvidia is not dick about price and their bad behavior on competition i will fully support them. But still they're good, i will but nvidia RTX if i have money and if the RTX become more cheaper.

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High end Nvidia for me

I'll go Red team when AMD notice that I exist and do better than Nvidia on the high end.


Depends on what's available when you are buying or building your pc. Generally Intel/Nvidia, currently if i was building one it would be AMD.

Nvidia. To think at one point AMD considered buying them instead of ATI... can you imagine if GlobalFoundries + AMD + Nvidia were a single company nowadays?






haxxiy said:

Nvidia. To think at one point AMD considered buying them instead of ATI... can you imagine if GlobalFoundries + AMD + Nvidia were a single company nowadays?

well competition is always good, I mean look at how arrogant nvidia appears to be getting as it is now, competition helps to temper that

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You have a 1080, clearly the high-end is for you, so without question nVidia is the only logical choice.

For low-end and mid-range, AMD is often a better alternative.

For the CPU side of the equation, Zen 2/Ryzen 3000 series is easily the definitive option for now, unless you need something specific on LGA2066 from the Intel camp, AMD is simply a better option across the entire CPU pricing spectrum right now... Which is certainly a full reversal from the FX Bulldozer days where it was impossible to recommend AMD.

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I have always prefered Nvidia personally. No real particular reason, it is just the brand that I seemed to gravitate to during my ganing PC days.

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Depends on your budget and what you need it for.

For the end user, Nvidia is hands down the better brand without question in terms of feature set, performance, software quality. Not much reason for anyone to opt in for AMD graphics technology unless you're corporate customer such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, and etc ...

o_O.Q said:

I within the last three years or so pretty much made the transition completely over to pc gaming from consoles and was very impressed that a midrange laptop could easily beat my old ps4 in terms of performance. I got a pretty good desktop about a year and a half back with a 1080 and an i7. I choose the 1080 because I do various work in cad drawing and 3d modelling/rendering and my research lead me to believe that nvidia cards were more suitable as a result and also for games.

What do you guys think though? Is the conclusion that nvidia is better for cad, modelling, rendering and games true or was my research insufficient?

be aware when you talk about a cpu and refer to it as nothing more than an i7 you could be talking about a range of chips from the highest ends just under the newest i9s at costs of hundreds such as a https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=scpuinti76900k&categoryName=processors-intel&superCatName=computing&title=intel-core-i7-6900k-%283.2ghz%29-lga2011 all the way down to utter pieces of shit which cost a fiver lol https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=scpuinti79201a&categoryName=processors-intel&superCatName=computing&title=intel-core-i7-920-%282.66ghz%29-lga1366

Range of comparison when someone says "I have an i7"


Could literally fall anywhere on the spectrum from top end to bin liner.

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