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Mar1217 said:
Kinda surprised we didn't receive data yet ... maybe it is due to June 19th ?

Afaik it's June 18th

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Has any one translated the riddle from Restera.

A couple of really good guesses here. Well done.
Switch sold the most by a comfortable amount


NPD Tool with a pretty good month I'd say

Hopefully we'll have some numbers by time I get home from work.

Results are in


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Wow really nice numbers for Switch!
Decent for PS4

I wasn't too far off the mark this time. I don't have time to update my charts right now, as I have to leave for work in 15 minutes and I need to finish getting ready.

PS4 needs price cut now!

Switch: 216k
PS4: 137k
XBO: 86k


So, looks like I was a bit too cautious on Switch and too optimistic on the other consoles.

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Sony and Microsoft can't be losing that much money by doing a permanent price cut, can it please just happen already