How would you rate Microsoft's E3 conference out of ten?

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How would you rate it out of ten?

1 2 1.79%
2 3 2.68%
3 8 7.14%
4 14 12.50%
5 17 15.18%
6 26 23.21%
7 23 20.54%
8 10 8.93%
9 4 3.57%
10 5 4.46%
LudicrousSpeed said:

Halo MCC wasn't shown, it was just announced as part of the PC Game Pass. The game you're missing is Wasteland 3.

And what gave me that impression was your post. "a good chunk of them are games that are already out. Some of the best things they showed". That, to me, implies some of the best things they showed were games already out. Even if those four games you thought were already out actually were, it still wouldn't make sense because that would give you the great Forza trailer, a meh SoD2 story trailer, a laughably bad Gears Pop trailer, and nothing was shown of MCC. So that was some of the best they showed? Not even close.

Ah, yes wasteland 3 is the 14th.

"Some of the best things they showed." wasn't meant in relation to the previous sentence, oops. Somehow accidentally left that in when writing post, originally it said "Some of the best things they showed are multiplat". I.E The Other Worlds and Minecraft Dungeons.

It was a decent show, it just didn't give me a reason to be excited by Xbox as a platform. Don't care about Bleeding Edge or Flight Simulator so the only new announcement I was interested in was Lego Forza.

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6 out 10.

Actually 3 out of 10. But in the part i watched there was this lovely brown lady in high heels. I found her to be very attractive.

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