How would you rate Microsoft's E3 conference out of ten?

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How would you rate it out of ten?

1 2 1.79%
2 3 2.68%
3 8 7.14%
4 14 12.50%
5 17 15.18%
6 26 23.21%
7 23 20.54%
8 10 8.93%
9 4 3.57%
10 5 4.46%

average. 6 I guess.

Started off well enough, nearly died with Gears 5 and recovered towards the end. Too many cinematic trailers. Very little wow moments I felt.
Actually, Keanu Reeves being on stage and the lego car are probably the highlights, which I think highlights the problem

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I enjoyed the show plenty of interesting games show but definitely a step down from last years showing. PSO2 coming West "finally!" was a good surprise as I thought Sega gave up on that years ago. Double Fine is also great studio to pick up.

7/10 from me. No Gears 5 gameplay at the show was a let down.

Not a bad show, but nothing spectacular 7/10

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It was so... predictable for the most part, and some of the trailers were snoozefests. Also regarding their next console, they've not really told us much about it other than repeatedly saying it'll be the most powerful console ever made... oh, and it eats monsters for breakfast. Everything was expected, and nothing surprised me whatsoever, so for that I'll be knocking a point off the average, since I do love surprises at E3 no matter how small they are.


Lots of good stuff shown but still lacking in the way of new AAA exclusive single player IP. To be honest the few games that fit my tastes (Ori, Battle Toads, some indis) I can get on PC and skip their box.

Also felt their next gen release was a bit underwhelming. They mostly parroted what Sony already said regarding next gen features which is a miss in that they didn't really say much to make themselves stand out. And the Halo Demo looks this gen or cross gen at best (although sure it's early).

By itself I give them a 7.5 but considering they had no competition I give them a 7 for not blowing it out of the water.

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I thought it was really bad. Were there even any gameplay trailers? I closed out of the stream a couple times so I guess there might've been. I was bored for most of it, and all of the stuff that interested me was unrelated to Microsoft.

I thought the Scarlet Trailer was dumb: "We are seeing frame rates that have never been seen before ... 120fps" PC has been seeing those frames for years.

But yeah overall just way too many CGI trailers and nothing exciting all; in all honesty this conference probably didn't need to exist. I give it a 4/10

EDIT: Also what the hell was that Gears 5 Story trailer--that made me feel nothing whatsoever for the game. Show some fucking gameplay for fuck's sake.

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"14 first party games". New first party games announced. 1? Bleeding Edge? Might have forgotten another but still.

It was a decent conference, not much in the way of NEW game announcements though.

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Soo... what are the 14 1st parties?

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A lot of shameless bragging about nothing. While it was a decent showing for Microsoft's standards, I am deducting points because I don't like them.

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8/10 (2 extra points just for Keanu appearance)


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