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I’m probably in the minority on this...but this trailer didn’t really excite me. It got me interested but it’s already at a point where I’ll have to wait and see from the reviews. I have not played a lot of Kojima’s games but I have some understanding of his game philosophies.

The graphics are pretty astounding. Pretty cool seeing the actors look as they are in real life.

The story is more confusing than ever. Will I eventually understand when I play the game? I’m not sure...I guess that doesn’t matter in some sense, but I don’t really see where this is going.

The gameplay looks..mediocre. Part of a video game is being able to play the game. The combat looks like Uncharted..and not in a good way. It looks kinda clunky and stiff. Maybe it’ll change..I don’t know.

As for it being open world...I hope it’ll intrigue me as Breath of the Wild did. Whenever I explored Hyrule, I always look forward to the unknown and part of that was the gameplay mechanics that allowed me to be creative and discover nukes and crannies that surprise me. I worry that DS’s gameplay might not be as effective if it’s going the open world route.

If you’re all excited, cool beans. I’m keeping an eye on this game. Just not sure what to really think of it at this time.

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This game isn't going to live up to the hype.

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A little bit more of gameplay from the Japanese trailer:

At 6:03


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CGI-Quality said:

Beautiful ! Can't wait.  Day one of course.

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pitzy272 said:
taus90 said:
2 minutes of silence for people who thought this game will take 5 years of development and will be released simultaneous for PS4 and PS5. Kojima made this game in 3 fricking years!!!

Now we know why Mark Cerny in that PS5 wired interview was silent when asked about Death Stranding release platfrom.

I thought it had to take at least 4 years. It taking only 3 actually worries me a bit. If this game is big like MGS5, then I will not understand how the hell Kojima made it this quickly. 

RE:  the trailer, I loved it! This got me hyped all over again. I’m relieved to see combat and guns in there. I think most of us were a bit concerned after their E3 2018 demo. 

Yeah I have those concerns too.. 3 years is usually taken by sequels, considering they already have engine in place from the first game. 5 years is minimum for a New IP as initial years are spent on building engine for their specific task. So I will give benefit of doubt to KP as they were handed over a robust decima engine which they retooled for DS. Also its Kojima that guy wont release a game untill and unless his vision for the game is met.. he is the last guy to rush development to meet dead lines. 

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Xxain said:
twintail said:

I feel like you could have easily guessed that was the case from previous trailers and the fact that it uses the Horizon engine.

Either way, the gameplay loop is most likely not the same. DS looks more like traversal/ parcel management/ stealth for the real world, with stealth/ action for the upside-down realm. So the latter is probably more MGS with the former being something a little different.

Unless you saw some previous trailers that we didn't ... Bullshit. A big negative with this game is the marketing, specifically this long with no gameplay. If there was some trailer that had something we have an idea of what gameplay was like then that negative wouldn't exist.

Nah, not really. You only have to see how the MGS series progresses gameplay wise to realise how obvious it is that MGS5's gameplay would most likely be what Kojima tries to emulate.

And this isn't the first time gameplay was shown: we saw traversal back at e3 2018, and honestly it didn't look that far removed from MGS5 traversal. Just because we only see some shooting now doesn't mean we have finally seen gameplay.

So yes, you could have guessed that the gameplay would maybe resemble MGS5, unless you thought Kojima was going to randomly abandon that template or if you thought E3 2018 was all cutscenes.

Pre-ordered it today :)

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Cant wait of FF7 Remake/Last of Us 2/Ghost of Tsushima

A trailer i'm intrigued by. But how a great and complete game can be done in this short amount of time...?

Hunting Season is done...

The LOU2 is a ps4-ps5 game


Zoombael said:
A trailer i'm intrigued by. But how a great and complete game can be done in this short amount of time...?

Collaboration with Guerrilla Games + hiring a lot more people + crunch time... probably. And the core concept being fully realized in Kojima's mind.

Overall development time is longer than it was for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, if they have the manpower and a good management it'll be fine.