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after watching the trailer I was sure it was only like 3 minutes long, but it's actually about 9 lol

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I couldn't care about this game up until this trailer and now I'm actually pretty hyped. I'm not a fan of Kojima and I think he is extremely overrated, but maybe now he will prove me wrong. I like the setting and the mystery around the plot and characters, and gameplay seems solid (no pun intended). Let's see if this is something truly special or simply another "just good" game among many others.

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She kinda reminds me of young Jennifer Connely in the movie The Hot Spot.

2 minutes of silence for people who thought this game will take 5 years of development and will be released simultaneous for PS4 and PS5. Kojima made this game in 3 fricking years!!!

Now we know why Mark Cerny in that PS5 wired interview was silent when asked about Death Stranding release platfrom.

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One of a few parts I rewatched 3-4 times. Mads Mikkelsen's facial expressions with the baby at the end grabbed me too.

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It's gonna be delayed

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Waiting for 4 yrs seems worthy to me rn, but still the team may still have time to do more polish, pre-order placed and 163 days to go.

Sony and Kojima are on another level....Another GOTY this year (and and in the next year too with TLOU 2) and another 10M+ selling game for Sony this gen...I thought this game would be hard to sell to the main audience, but the hype and the reaction i've seen everywhere in the internet has been amazing. What a way to close the last years of PS4...I'm still in shock with this trailer.


I've no idea what's going on, but I need this game.

Edit - OMG, the fetus collector's edition!