Pokemon Direct - June 5th 2019 @6am PT/9am EST/2pm BST/10pm JST

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This looks really good. I wasn’t excited for this game despite being a huge fan, but now I am. This will sell great

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The direct is 47 minutes!? I'm not sitting through that; probably a lot of talking.

twintail said:
Dynamax is straight up the dumbest thing ever

mZuzek said:
Could've been worse. As far as dumb new gimmicks go, Dynamax is basically a sillier and more broken Mega Evolution, which is definitely a better thing than what we got in Sun/Moon. Everything else was fine. Really liked that raven Pokémon, and both legendaries look really cool. Grookey is weirdly starting to grow on me, too. The region looks nice and it's good to know you'll have camera control in some areas, at least. And your rival being the champion's younger sibling is a pretty cool story setup, though it's not exactly too difficult to predict where they're going with it.

Overall, I'm fine with this. Still cautiously hyped for it, but with each passing announcement, the chances of a major disappointment are reduced. Not expecting great things from this game, but if it becomes the first good Pokémon game in 6 years, for me, that'll do.

I am just excited for Dynamax because you can team up with other players + the MAX skills would look great on the TV.

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KLAMarine said:
The direct is 47 minutes!? I'm not sitting through that; probably a lot of talking.

It's only 15-20 minutes long. The first half of the video only shows the image you see in the thumbnail. The actual Direct starts somewhere after the 25-minute-mark.

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Green098 said:

Ha! Disco Pokeball!

I can say I am pleasantly surprised!! I was starting to lose my faith after Sun/Moon

we finally get open-area with camera control and Pokemon wandering around which is just superb!! big step for the franchise

all but one thing... that damn "Dynamax", like really, who gave the idea and who approved it? it just doesn't make any sense, especially with crowds watching giants fight - can't wait to try it on Wailord - much like mass killing lol

it would be something if it could only be used on basic forms of pokemon, having giant babies fighting but it's more like a cruel gimmick since it can be used on every single strong pokemon :S

I'm... pleasantly surprised. Everything looks really good. I like all of the new Pokemon, the game went open-world whilst keeping the balance with traditional Pokemon, and the gimmick is harmless, and actually looks fun this time (thank fuck Z-moves weren't repeated.) The region design looks good too.

My hype just shot up, this is looking like the best Pokemon since B2W2 easily.

The good:
-The Wilds. Full 3D open area with visible Pokémon. Nice step in the right direction, hopefully gen 9 will have these features everywhere.

-Raven Pokémon looked really cool

-Box legendaries are nice

-Professor and champion designs seem cool

The bad:
-Dynamax looks dumb, would have preferred the leaked armored evolutions or the return of Mega Evolution

-Rival Hop looks like he might be friendly. Enough with the friendly rivals, I want a new douche canoe rival like Silver!

- Dynamax is the stupidest edition to Pokemon series yet. Totally Uninterested in this feature.
- They did the typical Japanese thing in making the Wildlands just big open areas. Hopefully it is filled with interesting landmarks and activities.......
- Visually the battle system is still stuck in 8bit world. Back on the GB, with limited Tech, developers had to find creative ways of portraying Pokemon attacking each other. Is there a reason Pokemon still stand in place with physically attacking? Looks very outdated/lazy.