Dear Nintendo: THIS Is How You Make The Switch BETTER

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What do you wish to improve the Switch?

friend messaging 6 16.22%
themes 2 5.41%
Netflix & Crunchyroll 4 10.81%
browser 1 2.70%
eshop music 2 5.41%
Virtual Console 11 29.73%
more Joycon types 4 10.81%
reduced bezel (bigger screen) 0 0.00%
better battery life 6 16.22%
better kickstand 1 2.70%

Virtual Console
Overwatch (with Nintendo skins :P)
Joycon set with an actual dpad
Voice chat
Eshop ratings
Better battery life

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I forgot I started watching this the other day and never finished it. Thankfully I still had the window open on my PC.

As I'm a current owner, for the most part, hardware changes don't interest me much - though I do eventually plan on owning a second system.

Customizable home pages (to include backgrounds/themes, sure), better Eshop organization/presentation, and Bluetooth headset support. That's what I want most.


External storage. Peace of mind.


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