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What Studios you want Sony to acquire

Imsomniac 7 24.14%
Blue point 6 20.69%
From Software 5 17.24%
Kojima Production 8 27.59%
Platinum 0 0.00%
others (please mention on the comment ) 3 10.34%

Insomniac and Kohima should be at the top of their list of acquisition. I understand that Insomniac is happy with their independence, but they’ve managed to grow and exist on the grace of PlayStation and the support from the PS community. The fact that both Spider Man and R&C Remake are their two most successful titles should attest to the fact that they should stick with PS permanently.

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This isn't new. We had last year an interview saying Sony was doing basically the same, and that they were looking at studios that would make sense to acquire and improve the portfolio.

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I'd just with for internal studio growth and creation, rather than the easiest plan of !just acquire what our competition hasn't bought, or what makes the most cash". Besides, I'd hate to see a studio I like, being bought up, and then no longer producing for other platforms. I like the idea of having choice, rather than just one.


twintail said:
Zoombael said:
Arrowhead Studios

The better HouseMarque.

At the very least I hope they are making a Helldivers 2, but 3rd person and 4 player split-screen local.

Ya. I hope so too. Their next game will be coop 3rd person mp and i guess new info will be out soon.

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So true @DialgaMarine

The Ghost of Tsushima/InFamous-Developers would be cool. FromSoftware for Bloodborne 2 and the next Dark Souls.

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KazumaKiryu said:
So true @DialgaMarine

The Ghost of Tsushima/InFamous-Developers would be cool. FromSoftware for Bloodborne 2 and the next Dark Souls.

SuckerPunch already belong to Sony, for about 8 years now

aaah okay, good to know twintail !!

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Kojima. Because it is the smallest of them

Ka-pi96 said:
twintail said:

Kojima Productions maybe, but its a dev that is pretty much united around Kojima. Without him, what does the company actually offer? I think Sony are better off continuing contract work with them

Plus, why would Kojima even want to sell? He only just got out from under the yoke of Konami, why would he want to give up his independence again so soon to work for a big company again?

Money. Same thing happened with respawn. They left Activision and formed their own studio, but 2 games later they sold it to EA. 

Kojima could feel he has the artistic freedom he wants, and job security he needs, to be able to sell, gain a huge amount of cash, and still do what he wants. I'm not saying he should or wants to do this. But just explaining the rationale of why he could sell

Instead of buying new studios I would prefer if Sony should Re-open their old Studios,
Zipper (experts in Multiplayer games)
Evolution Studios ( arcade racer) Considering how slow PD are
Build New Studios with likes of Amy Hening, David Jeffe in leads.

Also Building more teams inside exisiting studio will be more efficient