God of War sold 10M. (update 11M)

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Cannot wait for Sony to announce 15M for GOW.

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God of War had very few bundles compared to Uncharted 4. I think just the limited edition in US (which was really limited and quickly sold out) and a few (limited edition and standard) in Europe. But those bundles didn't last long.

It's an evergreen like Spider-man and TLOUR. I'd say: Spider-man > Gow > TLOUR.

Playstation is just making the best games this gen. It's a fan statement, yes, but I don't care. Thank you Sony.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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Absolutely agree. For the past 5-6 years Sony has produced the most interesting games and had the highest development costs for video games (compared to Microsoft / Nintendo). For that reason, it is well-deserved that titles like God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn ect have such strong sales. @0D0

The next maybe Ghost of Tsushima or Death Stranding ? Two new big ip's again. Or The Last of Us 2, cant wait!
Will God of War reach the 15 million in the next few years? And How much does Spiderman have, currently?

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Cant wait of FF7 Remake/Last of Us 2/Ghost of Tsushima