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SNES library (small) for online membership. New DLC for Mario Kart 8/Mario Odyssey/Fire Emblem Warriors/Smashbros. Mario Golf switch. 'Cadence of hyrule avaliable for download after this presentation'. Bayo3 launching with a special pro-controller, one day.
-Pokemon is releasing. They will take the day off.

Wish list:

Starfox title developed by starlink team, using engine/assets etc.

HD remaster series 'essentials' fron GC/Wii. Moderately priced/basic ports of Paper mario ttyd, Fzero GX, Mario Kart wii (series best seller), The last story, eternal darkness, luigis mansion, ssbm (competitive edition), DKCR, Metroid prime Trilogy, Super mario strikers charged, pikmin 1/2, batallion wars 2. Use this to test the water on dormant series. Also a project zero collection.

A new IP with the scope of botw.

Monster hunter. (Im probably the only person that is loving all of these capcom ports, though mh5 would be nice)

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-A new style or gameplay hook we haven't seen yet for Super Mario Maker 2
-SNES games will launch this summer on Nintendo Switch Online
-We'll get a bit on Pokemon Sword and Shield, but not much since it's about to get its own direct.
-Cadence of Hyrule launches right now.
-Witcher 3
-Super Smash Bros. Fighter Pass Challenger Pack #2 revealed. It will release in the summer.
-Luigi's Mansion 3 will launch in October
-Animal Crossing will be shown and will launch Holiday 2019
-Paper Mario 6 confirmed for 2020. It will return to the style of the first 2 games.
-Chibi-Robo sequel in the vein of the original
-N64 and GameCube games on Nintendo Switch Online
-Switch themes, proper voice chat
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Red Dead Redemption

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