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Who is the most important prophet?

Adam 0 0.00%
Ibrahim 0 0.00%
Ismail 0 0.00%
Musa 0 0.00%
Dawud 0 0.00%
Bugs Bunny 4 80.00%
Sulayman 0 0.00%
Yunus 0 0.00%
Isa 0 0.00%
Muhammad 1 20.00%

Allahu Akbar

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My friend Tom Cruise and I are chilling to Scientology, and we're gonna go watch some Mission Impossible, wanna come?

RolStoppable said:
TruckOSaurus said:
I think this malicious fallen mod might have had a point.

Hence why this thread wasn't put into Gaming Discussion.

I'm afraid he fixed only half of the problems Carl highlighted.

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Isnt this slightly offensive towards christians?

Imagine if a christian made a thread like this, and said mohamma'd wasnt even a prophet, but a madman, warlord,.... but "dont worry, Jesus will save them".

I know no one here will complain.... Im just saying theres double standards.

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Well, I'm going to join the previously malicious mod and axe this one, too. Just totally incoherent and partially offensive. Please don't repeat this a second time and make a third like it.