Nintendo anounced Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers (Buy 2 Nintendo games for $99.99, Nintendo Switch Online Members only)

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Is this a good offer from Nintendo

Yes 9 23.68%
Decent, but its only $10 + 5% 8 21.05%
Better than nothing 11 28.95%
Bad offer 10 26.32%

€99.99 for two account bound games? I'll pass.

Never bought a Switch game for €50 or more so far. My most expensive Switch games were Breath of the Wild for 48 €, Super Mario Odyssey for €46 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for €37... all of them in 2017, they should be cheaper by now in a "normal" market.

Last month I bought these FIVE Switch games for €100 in total (so €20 each): Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Diablo 3, LEGO City Undercover, Captain Toad and Let's Go, Ebola. All of them as retail versions without account binding and on these expensive carts (which the digital versions aren't including in their price)

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I prefer my games physical so this wouldn't work for me but for those that are fully on board with digital then this is fantastic!

1-2 Switch here is 32e
£25 sterling there for Fire Emblem

I picked up dragon quest builders months ago for wayyyy less than 50, closer to 15e here but yeah not going through the rest of these, that list for that price is trash.

Also if you notice on the list, that's $50 for Bayonetta 2 digital, that's not the pair of games since they're sold separately digitally, and aye again I bought the physical game with both titles for way less than 50 when it launched.

This deal is asking people to jump through hoops to pay more for games... it's really poor imo.

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will use this to get fire emblem and ultimate alliance Edit: this is a great deal for me as physical games where I live are usually over $70(i paid $72 for skyward sword brand new)  and shipping through Amazon with the cost of shipping will bring the cost to a similar range Digital has definitely helped me especially as there's no sales tax where I live

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Green098 said:
think-man said:
Nintendo should really slash their game prices by more, and more often. I still find these prices too expensive given how old these titles are now.

Nintendo likes to retain the value of their games even years after their release as they keep selling at or close to full price regardless. I wouldn't expect any major game discounts until/if they bring back Nintendo Selects for Switch.

Probably a good thing I have a hacked switch then, otherwise I'd never get to try out more than a couple of different switch games.