My e-mail account got hacked, received blackmail and I have only two days to pay up!

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Hacking yourself isnt hacking its called knowing the password

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Tell him to fuck off and contact the cops.

I'm not sure whether I should approve of this thread or not. I mean, it's nice, but some of the posts here...

Also, I think 'black male' was misspelled in the first post.

Ka-pi96 said:
Wow, I'm surprised by the number of people taking this seriously. I'd have thought this being a Rol thread would have instantly made people realise it wasn't serious

I was thinking the exact same thing!!! How on earth could anybody take this seriously? More to the point - do people really think that little of you @RolStoppable to believe you'd be taken in by such an email?!?!? Ha! Ha!!!!

...this made me laugh: African people who do this kind of malicious stuff, hence why it is called blackmail.

Dangerously close to triggering the "woke" society.

shikamaru317 said:
Far too many of you guys are taking this seriously. As if the thread being made by Rol didn't make it obvious enough, did you miss the part where Rol said he collected bit coins to send to the hacker by playing Mario on his NES? xD

Yea kind of skipped over the NES part didn't realize he was trying to mine bitcoins from playing.  Knew it was a joke post but responded semi serious because there are scams like these out there.  Usually just gullible old or dumb people fall for it.  However my advise to keep your email password seperate from any other password is solid advice because most times they just plug stolen email and passwords from another site into any site.  If you still have your main email account then you can reclaim any other account that they are attempting to take over.

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dane007 said:
Delete email address and create a new one

Too much work.

Just log off and ignore it is the new way to go. 


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