Will you see Terminator: Dark Fate?

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Are you interested in seeing Terminator: Dark Fate in theaters?

Yes 12 24.49%
Yes, but only if it's rated R 6 12.24%
No 26 53.06%
Maybe 5 10.20%
Zoombael said:

Not really interested after the trailer. CGI is atrocious. So clean and plastic when the truck smashes through the brick wall. It looks Direct-To-Netflix bad. The physically wrong looking slow mo circus acrobatics, Linda and Arnold are ancient. The off the rack background pop song.

After watching the tech noir and police station scenes of the original it looks even worse...


IIRC I believe they said the VFX weren't finished. The teaser footage was derived from the reel shown at CinemaCon, so it's believable. 

I didn't much care for the music, either.

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I'll certainly watch it. Whether that's in the theater or not will depend on reviews.