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Are you interested in seeing Terminator: Dark Fate in theaters?

Yes 12 24.49%
Yes, but only if it's rated R 6 12.24%
No 26 53.06%
Maybe 5 10.20%

Good news, looks like it WILL be R-rated, thank God.

The teaser trailer was nothing special, but I'm still holding out hope because of Tim Miller and thought it had a few interesting story/character tidbits I'm interested in learning more about. I also heard the footage shown at CinemaCon was longer and much better.

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It's a hard no from me.

I saw the previous two in the theatre; not due to any genuine enthusiasm, but it was during I time when I had friends who worked there and could get me in for free, so I saw a lot of tripe--Including those. There hasn't been a good film in this series in nearly 30 years. In that time, including this one, there have been FOUR attempts at a proper sequel... that's absolutely pathetic and just shows the desperation and creative bankruptcy of Hollywood. Plus, James Cameron is a bit of an overrated hack. Don't particularly care for the majority of his work. His involvement doesn't suddenly magically justify this fourth retread.

Too little, WAY too late. Next.

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Yes I will go to the movies and see it like how I saw the other 2 terminator films.

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Only if Arnold

If it's anything like the teaser trailer, it'll be another download. I wasn't impressed in the slightest. Feels more like these newer blockbuster Chinese action movies, and I'm not a fan. Sure enough Tencent is tied into it. They need to go back to a dark dreary style like T1 and T2, and not just in terms of the story, but how it's shot.

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Nah not interested. Seems like they are milking the franchise for all its worth. I am tired of it.

Definitely a no. That teaser was horrible. Bad guy wasn't intimidating at all. And the CG looked bad.

If it's "R" I'll check it out. I have extremely low expectations, but I also have AMC A-List and I rarely use all three passes in a week anyway.

The first two films in the franchise were amongst my all time favorite movies. I even enjoyed T3. Unfortunately, Terminator Salvation was absolutely horrible imo and actually killed my enjoyment of the series. To this day I haven't seen Genesis (I think that's how it's spelled).

Not particularly hyped to see old lady Sara Conner rocking sunglasses and acting badass. I typically skip reviews and even trailers when it's something I know I want to see but this time I'll see what the reviews say...

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Not really interested after the trailer. CGI is atrocious. So clean and plastic when the truck smashes through the brick wall. It looks Direct-To-Netflix bad. The physically wrong looking slow mo circus acrobatics, Linda and Arnold are ancient. The off the rack background pop song.

After watching the tech noir and police station scenes of the original it looks even worse...


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