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1. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield (NS)

2. Super Mario Maker 2 (NS)

3. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (NS)

4. Fire Emblem Three Houses (NS)

5. Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition (NS)

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NobleTeam360 said:

1. Cyberpunk 2077 (XB1)
2. Persona 5 Royal (PS4)
3. Fire Emblem Three Houses (Switch)
4. Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch)
5. Doom Eternal (XB1)

1. Cyberpunk 2077 (XB1)

2. Persona 5 Royal (PS4)

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

4. Doom Eternal (XB1)

5. Catherine Full Body (PS4)

1) Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)
2) Death Stranding (PS4)
3) The Last Of Us Part. II (PS4)
4) Predator Hunting Grounds (PS4)
5) Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4)

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1. Animal Crossing (NS)
2. WarCraft 3: Reforged (PC)
3. The Settlers 2019 (PC)
4. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (NS)
5. Luigis Mansion 3 (NS)

LM3 gets carried by the fact that I have high hopes. So it could fall out of favor once E3 comes around.

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Amazon August 2019 thread

1. Fire Emblem Three Houses (NS)
2. Dragon Quest XI S (NS)
3. Pokemon Sword/Shield (NS)
4. Astral Chain (NS)
5. Bayonetta 3 (NS)

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Doing a quick tally of points right now, remember to quote your own post if you have any edits. You have 1 more week to get votes in. :)

Bisa said:

1 [PS4] Cyberpunk 2077

2 [PS4] Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

3 [PS4] The Last of Us Part 2

4 [PS4] Pathfinder: Kingmaker 

5 [PS4] Knights and Bikes

1. [PS4] Death Stranding 

2. [PS4] Pillars of Eternity 2

3. [PS4] Cyberpunk 2077

4. [PS4] The Last of Us 2

5. [PS4] Knights and Bikes

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Death Stranding is going to my top 5 next month :)

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0D0 said:
Death Stranding is going to my top 5 next month :)

I still need to watch the trailer. I am hoping e3 gives me some release dates.  Otherwise I'll have to start going for further out titles, which I don't like doing in my list. :/

0D0 said:
Death Stranding is going to my top 5 next month :)

Same. It's been in there a few times, but I'm already thinking I'll put it at #2.

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