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LOL. First of all I'm gonna marry a dude so problem solved. Second, BraLod is right. Even in same sex marriages, the more masculine must simply submit to the more feminine one. There is no other way around this. Third, from my own experience, I can tell you that things like child support are created to lessen the burden of the state on having to provide for children regardless of whether the parents get along or not. I agree that the courts can always be improved but it is not this evil thing.

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Jumpin said:
I’d disagree with marriage/religion being a thing. The US is a highly religious country where a significant portion of people believe the world is flat and 4000 years old - which is more indoctrined than Muslims, and it also has one of the highest divorce rates in the world.

On the other hand, divorce rates among married people are dropping in the far less religious European countries after peaking in the 1980s.

The rate is mainly lower in Islamic nation’s because of legal difficulties and inequality. Divorce rates in India and some Latin American countries which only recently gained the legal ability to divorce are FAR lower than Islamic countries.

This just certainly isn't true.

Flat earthers would be at most 0.1% and I feel that's very generous. And even in young Earth creationism, no one believes that the Earth predates the Torah lol.

sundin13 said:
A handful of anecdotes and some "I heard somewhere" statistics do not make a solid foundation to an argument and they certainly don't make a justification for unhealthy and potentially misogynist views of women.

Threads like this one remind me how good I have it. I don't need any grand justification to be a misogynist, I am one simply because I like it.

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This thread was pretty questionable from the start, and some of these comments and "studies" people are talking about are absolutely absurd and ridiculous, not to mention the huge generalisations coming from them... as a result we have come to the decision that this thread is better off locked.