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OTBWY said:
melbye said:
Nice to see Switch continuing to have a healthy lead over PS4, despite those wacky Europeans

Those wacky Europeans are simple to explain. In one pic:

Now do one for NA.....

Hint: replace FIFA with Rainbow six, overwatch, apex and madden.

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Intrinsic said:
OTBWY said:

Those wacky Europeans are simple to explain. In one pic:

Now do one for NA.....

Hint: replace FIFA with Rainbow six, overwatch, apex and madden.

I think this was global...

Amnesia said:

I wonder what they are afraid of in forecasting only 18 millions...
Things are only getting started with Yoshi and Labo 4, no new model and no price cut yet, and they are already 43,8% up.

What they are afraid of is a downward revision, because last year they forecasted 20m and ended up with only 17m. Whereas last year their forecast assumed that everything will go well, this year they made a forecast where not everything has to perform above average expectations. A factor like the entry in the Chinese market isn't even accounted for in their forecast, because it's one of the things that they can't be sure about.

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Switch hitting a really nice stride in 2019

Ganoncrotch said:

Switch to X1 is 4:1

Far out, I missed that! 4:1 with room to spare no less.

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SvennoJ said:
EricHiggin said:

Too bad as slow as the average American internet speeds are, Canada's are considerably worse. SAD edition has a much smaller market here. Hardware prices here are higher due to our lousy canuck bucks and surely would sell vastly more units at $299 or less.

Yeah I got lucky I guess. The pro was CAD 399 at release, same price as the ps4 at release. Then prices went up thanks to the dollar. So after buying the pro for 399, 599 for the xbox one x felt way too much. Plus here the base ps4 is now only CAD 20 less than at release, over 5 years later, thanks to the exchange rate.

Plus games went up from CAD 60 to CAD 80, with tax over 90 dollars. I'm pretty sure wages didn't go up 33% to match!

When I bought my PS4 1200 the dollar was still strong and I think PS4 was $349 msrp here and I paid around $269 I believe on BF and got the UCC and TLOU bundle. I can't help but chuckle when I see the PS4 prices now and realize how ridiculous it is that I was able to buy mine when I did for how much I did and now it's almost full launch price again. It paid to be a mid-early adopter here in Canada this gen.

Games have gone up no doubt, but they also have been dropping rather quickly. I picked up AC Origins only a couple months after launch for $40 when it was $80 at launch. Many other games, even blockbuster AAA, have been coming down to half price within 6 months time, during sales anyway. GOW was $30 on BF. That doesn't help all that much though with the hardware prices being where they are today. Cheap enough software doesn't really help sell expensive hardware, in relation to the U.S. right next door anyway.

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Nice.....numbers steadily flowing in!!!! Switch rolling in the wind, PS4 living on and XB1 heading off into the background disappearing......

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Switch has been a beast lately! :D

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