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DonFerrari said:
RolStoppable said:

I consider it hypocritical of you that you are vocal against mocking and condescension in this thread while you are concurrently behaving like this in a different thread, specifically the middle section of the linked post.

Consider what you want. I didn't said he was dumb nor that his argument was illogical, I countered with why the argument was wrong and said that if same line was followed analyzing PS4 then it would have to sell to much.

And there is also a difference between discussing with one user that a sales projection is wrong on the basis used (X1 would sell 70M solely on merit of GTA 6 launching for it, and 80+M if it also had a good reveal) than saying all projections for the future that are bellow 80M are so wrong that you are utmostly baffled. One is analyzing the past and making a very objectively wrong assumption (60% increase in sales due to a single game launch, when the predecessor game already launched on it even if crossgen) while the other is generalizing and ignoring any point made by different people of why they think the console would sell 80 instead of 100M.

Also I have nothing against mocking people, I would even encourage (not here because it is against the rules, and discussion also doesn't involve mockery), but the person doing it must acknowledge he is doing.

You didn't address the middle section that I specifically pointed out. But anyway...

It's evident to me that you deem behavior okay if it's in favor of your personal beliefs, but condemn the same kind of behavior when it is against your personal beliefs.

I do not believe for one second that curl-6 ignored the points that were made for Switch selling less than the 3DS, because he specifically called such arguments illogical and irrational. That shows that he acknowledged the points that were being made, it's just that those points aren't any good. If you think there's a point or two that have merit, you are free to cite them as examples, but all you did in this thread was to complain about illogical arguments being called illogical with no attempt to explain why not all points are illogical.

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Lower hardware sales than I expected.
Guess they overshipped in past quarters. Still, very good numbers and my favorite console.

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DonFerrari said:
curl-6 said:

If you find me condescending, fair enough; you are entitled to that opinion.

But if an argument is logically deficient, I'm going to point it out as such. Arguments are not a protected species exempt from criticism.

Attacking an argument is totally fine, and you do that with another argument and data, without any need to classify the argument because that doesn't have any value in the end.

It is equivalent to me saying your argument is dumb thus you are wrong. That doesn't prove anything, while your reasoning of why the argument was wrong were much better.

If an argument is illogical, then I will point out that it is illogical, and use evidence and examples to demonstrate why it is illogical, which is exactly what I did.

If you have a problem with that, then, sorry to come off as rude, but that's your problem, not mine.