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Predict the score!

95+ 3 3.26%
90 to 94 3 3.26%
85 to 89 22 23.91%
80 to 84 25 27.17%
75 to 79 14 15.22%
70 to 74 21 22.83%
65 to 69 3 3.26%
65 or lower 1 1.09%

I've read most of the reviews that matter to me now and it seems to be a third person Far cry mixed with gears from most of the most popular sony exclusives and put in a blender with Sons of anarchy, the walking dead and 28 days later. I like the idea. They've lowered the entey gig level to 27 so can't wait yo play this tonight. Seems exactly like the game I have been craving just missing out on base building mechanics. I'm all in and boy does it look pretty environmentally.


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LuccaCardoso1 said:
Ouch. Metacritic and OpenCritic are both at 71 now. That has to be the lowest score for a PS4 exclusive in a long time.

Hidden Agenda is at 66% meta and released in 2017 didn’t Knack 2 also release that year?

Everything I have seen so far is impressive, looks at least like 8.5/10

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I knew this game wouldn’t be a PS4-level game. Everything about it looks mediocre. Oh well, I’m having too much fun with The Division 2 right now to even care.


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DakonBlackblade said:
I fear this might kill Sony Bend, they invested over 5 years in this. A 72 on this day an age is almost a death sentence, no one buys, even tough 72 is decent.

Driveclub scored 72 sold decent and that still caused Sony to Tank the studio, Days Gone is for sure high budget AAA and could affect Bend Studios future.

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DonFerrari said:
LuccaCardoso1 said:

Stop trying to damage control. Play the game before saying what score it deserves.

Not doing any damage control. Will you deny that 50 on metacritic is reserved to garbage level game?

I didn't complain on the reasons IGN took out the points. Have you read the review?

Or better yet have you played the game to give your opinion since that is what you are demanding?

vivster said:

5 is mediocre. It's not my fault that reviewers have decided that for some reason 7 is the middle of 10.

We have to do comparisons using the context. In the context that average/mediocre games are on the 7, then this game being mediocre would deserve a 7.

But seems like it got a 3/10 will you say that is also deserved?

Stop putting your own Bias on everything, Gamespot 5/10 is rating the game Mediocre by their standard. It's not garbage like you claim.

There only two negatives review on Metacritic out of 79 reviews, it really doesn't matter because there also stupid reviews giving this game score like 96 and 94. 

Days gone is actually getting really good reviews. You focus on the numbers way too much what matters is that it got 49 positive reviews out of 79 reviews so far and only two negative reviews. 

A garbage game like you claim would have mostly negative reviews.

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DakonBlackblade said:
I fear this might kill Sony Bend, they invested over 5 years in this. A 72 on this day an age is almost a death sentence, no one buys, even tough 72 is decent.

Bad reviews is what really hurt game sales. Days gone is actually getting good reviews. 49 positive reviews out of 79 reviews. 

51% of critics recommend the game on opencritic. It was never expected to be the critical hit like God of war and Spiderman.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

Mediocre score when adjusted for score inflation. I think the premise of this game comes a couple years too late.

I was on the fence until I read a review from a small YouTube that does good reviews called JKB. He explained in detail everything about the game and gave it a 8.5/10. He is primary a Xbox fan so there is no bias.

Lot of Days Gone waiting for Days Gone. :P