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Predict the score!

95+ 3 3.26%
90 to 94 3 3.26%
85 to 89 22 23.91%
80 to 84 25 27.17%
75 to 79 14 15.22%
70 to 74 21 22.83%
65 to 69 3 3.26%
65 or lower 1 1.09%
Random_Matt said:
Even Sony has flops, accept it and move on. Did people honestly think it was going to turn out great?

I mean, critical flop would be closer to 50s territory, but I think that's more personal preference on what we think an average or passable game is. 

I honestly thought it would be great, around 75-85. It may still be for me, if I can forgive some of its short comings.

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Huh, I did expect better than this. I thought it would get at least 80, considering it's relatively high budget.

I predicted 76 so im not that far off, 72 doesn't make a game in anyway "bad", inFAMOUS First Light and Killzone Shadowfall both got 73 and are both decent games.

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72 doesn't make it a bad game, it depends on the content of the reviews. If it's stupid stuff like "The game is good, but doesn't reinvent its genre", then no problem.

I'm alright with the reviews. Can't expect everything to be 9/10 or 10/10. Looks like Bend is already planning the difficulty setting update in June along with other Free DLC. I'm not sure if it would have helped the score but the game should be in the mailbox tomorrow and I am putting everyone else down to play it. I'm personally excited for it.

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I fear this might kill Sony Bend, they invested over 5 years in this. A 72 on this day an age is almost a death sentence, no one buys, even tough 72 is decent.

DakonBlackblade said:
I fear this might kill Sony Bend, they invested over 5 years in this. A 72 on this day an age is almost a death sentence, no one buys, even tough 72 is decent.

Not sure about that, but it certainky hinders some potential for sales, that's for sure.

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Yeah, saw the first reviews and impressions and cancelled my pre-order. Honestly, Didn't look all that engaging to me from the get-go but was eager because I got a 40% discount and I figured it'd be a worthy risk to my bank.

I never had any interest in it from the beginning, the reviews were mediocre (poor compared to gems like Horizon, Spider-Man, and God of War), and nothing makes it sound like a must-have. IT's Sony's Ubisoft game: Big, open, pretty, lots to do but nothing to keep you interested and marred with performance issues and glitches. I'll still get it some day....when I can pick it up on sale for 30-40 bucks.

But yeah, can't win em all, Sony. and that's okay.

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JamesGarret said:
Guess Days Gone is the "new The Order 1886"

I actually enjoyed The Order 1886 and hope they can make a sequel still.

That being said maybe Days Gone isn't as bad as some reviewers claim it to be.

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Only seen a few reviews an not what I thought would happen. I assumed everyone would be on the sony love train and they would be lenient on this game. Seems to be the opposite. Not that im saying it dosent deserve the score, I have not played it to know that. But slight technical issues are whats bringing this game to not be in the 80's. Patchable im guessing.

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