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Predict the score!

95+ 3 3.26%
90 to 94 3 3.26%
85 to 89 22 23.91%
80 to 84 25 27.17%
75 to 79 14 15.22%
70 to 74 21 22.83%
65 to 69 3 3.26%
65 or lower 1 1.09%

I'm guessing 75

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Oh damn. IGN gave it a 6.5. Lucy O’Brien reviewed it though, so DG having a male protagonist already knocks it down a point for her. So maybe DG will have a chance for the 75 range. 


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Ouch. Well, still buying it anyway.


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Damn. Gamespot 5/10.

Looks like the reviews are telling us exactly what we have all seen in the very first gameplay. Consider me shocked. Shocked that reviewers are giving this game exactly the score it deserves.

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Ouch. Metacritic and OpenCritic are both at 71 now. That has to be the lowest score for a PS4 exclusive in a long time.


OUCH, 5/10 from Gamespot.

Wow, i expected it to be on the low side for a PS-exclusive but this is even lower than i thought. So glad i pretty much got it half price

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LuccaCardoso1 said:
Ouch. Metacritic and OpenCritic are both at 71 now. That has to be the lowest score for a PS4 exclusive in a long time.

Well, something had to break the trend. Can't be amazing forever! 

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I hope it gets a great score and sales.
I'm cautiously excited about it, waiting for reviews to see if it will be a day one or wait for discounts.

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