New PlayStation in 2019 - 7nm PS4 Super Slim Might Be Coming Soon

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New PS4 Super Slim is gonna happen ?

Yes, for sure. 11 33.33%
Could be. 19 57.58%
No way. 3 9.09%

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PS4 Super Slim will happen but im not sure if its 2019, 2020 is mooore likely imo.

I've never doubted they would make a 7nm PS4 at some point. The system is too successful not to.

Now I just wonder what the goal of the device will be?

A Digital Only PS4 SS with 4K streaming, and 512GB of on board Storage could sell for as low as $149.99 and go head to head with the Set Top box market. I think this is the perfect utilization of the PS4 going forward. Aim it at the remaining ultra casuals, while the Hardcore, and Core gamers are buying into the 499.99 PS5.

Of course they would need a Disc based version as well for gamers with a library of PS4 Disc that need a replacement, and arn't ready to buy a PS5.

With the right strategy and Price Point, a 7nm PS4 can help the platform continue to move decent units for another 5 or so years. It should be enough for them to push into the 130 - 140 Million territory. As the OP mentioned, with every additional user picked up by PS4 SS, that is highly likely to become a future PS5 owner as well.

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Read this PS4 SS article the other day but wasn't so sure how reliable the source was given the story didn't pop up anywhere else.


It links to this recent Reddit PS4SS/PS5 leak.


A slimmer PS4 is a no brainer to me. Smaller process, less power, less heat, less cost, lower msrp. PS4 slim goes out with a bang at a $199 BF bundle deal, then PS4 SS enters at $249. Pro will probably drop as well to $349.

The mention that Pro won't follow suit makes me wonder a few things. Will Pro get a die shrink as well but keep the same shell due to how loud it can get, even with the newer more efficient models? Is PS not bothering because they have some room to move on the price already? Is PS5 coming soon enough they just don't see the point in spending money to make changes to Pro? Is PS5 going to be cheap enough that there is no point in Pro by mid to holiday 2020? Is Pro being replaced by a base model PS5?

I'd imagine PS4 SS would look a lot like PS4 Slim but the thinner top portion would also be on the bottom of the console as well instead of the thicker portion that exists now. 

I remember seeing these 'leaked' concept pics quite a while back and look cool but not sure how the side drive would work unless it stood vertical.

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Definitely a no brainer. And, yea, I'm sure it'll just drop to just $249. Why not? The PS4 is doing fine at $299. A smaller, quieter SKU, with a $249 price will do great. $199 is probably going to happen when the PS5 drops next year.

DonFerrari said:
Yes, there is still room to make PS4 slimmer, they should have done it for PS3 as well, but they didn't.

PS3 had three models by the time it was done though. I thought the top loading PS3 was the slim version? 

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Possible but you know what they say " Seeing is believing !"

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I am actually want to see a Pro slim

7nm fabrication for Jaguar I doubt. Super Slim PS4 I believe with better thermal rating.