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Oh man...pretty hyped for this. Not sure if I'll get it right away since I played the vanilla version not that long ago...but 2020 is far enough away for it to feel fresh, so maybe.

Looks like Kasumi decided to repay the favor by appearing here in return for Persona costumes in Bandori. Heh.

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They MIGHT pull a P3FES/p3p on us...

By that I mean by royal having the extended post game while p5s having a female protagonist route.

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Hiku said:
Ultrashroomz said:

Also, April 25th is when they will show off Persona 5 S, which as of now we dont know what it is yet, whether it be a Switch version or a brand new spinoff.

Interesting. I see that now on the P5S site. https://p5s.jp/

If it's a Switch version, I hope they won't be different from one another.
And if it's a Persona 5 fighting game, it would be interesting to see Arcsys use the new Guilty Gear/DBFZ engine.

Does P5 have DLCs? Becaus usually Switch ports have dlc included so they can charge it at retail launch price. 

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Jranation said:

Does P5 have DLCs? Becaus usually Switch ports have dlc included so they can charge it at retail launch price. 

Most of the DLC in P5 is just costumes and extra Persona from past games, nothing that wouldn't be hard to include in a rerelease.

Of course knowing Atlus, idk if they would charge for DLC again if this was a rerelease.

Glad that I waited until this

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I will buy again , thank to that Cover art, dang

I can't get over the fact that Makoto has an Ora ora ora ora!

The best part of waking up - Is persona 5s coming to switch.. as a Musou.

Now which system do I get this for? Handheld grinding is nice. But I bet it performs way better on the ps4.
Then again docked may be good enough. Then I get the best of both worlds.

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Persona 5 Scramble.

I said fighting game, ended up a musou. Well, I was still a lot closer than "The S means a Switch upgraded version different than R" defying all logic.

Oh, so P5S is a spinoff Warriors style game for both PS4 and Switch.

I guess Atlus "stole" some peepz hope. :p

On a serious note, will definitely upgrade to P5R and will pick up P5S as well. I really hope those that was holding out on the Switch port to still pick up P5R for PS4, it's really a fantastic game.

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