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How much would you be willing to pay with the PS5?

350 3 6.38%
400 8 17.02%
450 1 2.13%
500 26 55.32%
550 2 4.26%
600 4 8.51%
650 0 0.00%
700 0 0.00%
750+ 3 6.38%

450$ or 499$

I think 499$ is more likely of the two.

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Hopefully MS will give us an idea come E3.

Random_Matt said:
Hopefully MS will give us an idea come E3.

They certainly won't announce any price.

Given they have been losing money on hardware front, right, left, back and center for the past year(s), MS is the company that will undercut Sony or lose money again on the next console(s).

I love my ps4, so I could pay 700 if I'm "forced" to, you know, I like it and pay more for a phone, however, paying more than 500 is a little bit too much for me. It doesn't feel right for a console if you ask me.

I'm ok to pay 800 for a phone, but I think game consoles should be way cheaper than that, specially because I buy subscriptions and games for it. So a ps4 doesn't cost me only the console price, but the ps plus and the games I buy for it. Even though I have to pay my 3g for my phone, i feel that I'm not giving any more extra money to Apple after that.

Ideally, I'd like to pay 400.

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I want it so it's not that important what the price point is




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I'm not interested in a Playstation, but my price limit for a console is 400€ right now; anything above and I'd rather choose some parts to upgrade my PC.

400... please dont be 500.