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That drop

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Switch crosses 33 million!! :D

Some days I just blow up.

Tere is only one problem. I don't belive that X One is above 60.000. It should drop the same percentage as PS4. I think it's again overtracked. For me it looks like putting X ONE numbers below 60.000 it's just to paninfull (its just feels like it). X One without price cut will drop below 50.000 during summer. I dont know what will MS do to keep the interest  in One next year. It will be hard  for MS to keep the X One head above the water in 2020. It will be practicly dead. Maybe Gears will help. Gears is MS last hope left this gen. It's not only last hope but for MS to finish this generation in some kind of redemption.  

PS4 needs a pricedrop.

Bofferbrauer2 said:
PS4 slowly going down.

Btw, when are the quarterly reports from Sony and Nintendo to see their shipment numbers and comparing them to our numbers here? Should be around the corner, no?

25th April for Nintendo numbers

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Shiken said:
I have a feeling that the majority of this year is going to look like this as the PS4 shows its age, still impressive overall though.

Good to see the Switch going strong in year 3, and the best is still yet to come. I have a feeling the X1 will be eclipsed by year's end and then some.

It was going down because The Japan sales ended. Its all about the pricing now for ps4

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Ouch, PS4 sales have dropped further, although we've got Days Gone coming out at the end of the month, hopefully we'll get a week or two of sales above 200k from that... although at this point it's not exactly surprising considering how old it is, lol.

COKTOE said:

Ha ... I'd sure eat the cake first :P (You got me craving for one actually ...)

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Word about the PS5 is trickling out, which will make people think twice about buying a PS4 and just waiting instead. I'm really surprised how close Switch and PS4 have been in Europe the last few weeks. That's Sonyland, but the Switch is only a little bit behind. Even a year ago I wouldn't have suggested that being possible.

PS4's European advantage has diminished to the point where it's no longer enough to keep them close to Switch globally.