Digital Foundry believes they may have found PS5's chipset

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shikamaru317 said:
HollyGamer said:

SO you contradicted your own original post??? 

How so? If AMD can manage to pull off a 1.5x improvement again, that would put Navi 10 at 10.6 tflops, which is within the 10-12 tflop range that Digital Foundry says to expect for PS5 in the video. If they can pull off a 1.6x improvement, which they have never done before to my knowledge, but might be possible since they have been working on Navi for nearly 3 years since Polaris released, that would put Navi 10 at 11.4 tflops (very close to the 11.1 tflop 48 compute unit number in the video). 

All I'm saying is, keep your expectations in check. Better to be pleasantly surprised if AMD does pull off a big improvement for Navi 10 over it's predecessor, than to be disappointed because you are expecting high end performance numbers from a mid-range chipset. 


This also confirm Navi 10 will able to achieve 1.8 teraflop LOL. So it aligned with Digital Foundry .

Like I said i don't fully believe final consumer PS5 will be 14,7 TF, probably 12 to 13 , because  Digital Foundry analisis said that. Based on Price leak also it will not be expensive, also it has been confirmed by AMD Navi 10 will be a new mainstream GPU.  All GTX 1080 and Vega 64 will be a new mainstream GPU standard 

Navi 10 = GTX 1080 + 15 % is actually believable , what else do you expect ?