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Neither. The character models are disgusting looking. Not sure why they don't stick to the tried and true, sex sells moto because damn those women have turned me off of buying the game. You don't need to make them hot but don't make vomit come up my throat, they make me feel a little sickened and I'm not playing a game so I can feel sickened.


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Personally I would get it on the Playstation 4. - The D-Pad placement and quality is probably the most important aspect for a fighting game... And I think the Playstation 4 beats the Xbox One and Switch in that department hands down. It just feels right.

Doesn't mean you can't have fun with it on other platforms, that's just my personal taste.

If I were you, I would get the ps4 version. The community is gonna be bigger on ps4 and the dualshock4 is better for fighting games IMO. Unless the portability is a huge huge factor(don't care about portability), I wouldn't get it on there.

My advice is don’t buy burka kombat, buy soul calibur or tekken instead, they must be cheaper now.
I don’t give my money to these sjw companies

Definitely ps4 version. The pad on the switch is almost unplayable for fighting games.