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Why hasn't Team Ninja made a wrestler starring Bass, Tina, Lisa and a plethora of new characters in the DWA world?

There hasn't been a solid wrestling game since AKI and the infamous No Mercy. Just the thought of DoAs engine used for a grappler has me wishing it was a reality.

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John2290 said:

Simply add a game title, for example "Why hav'nt they made a Japanese ass creed game yet?". Obvious ideas that companies seem hesitant to persue.

 I'll go first, why hav'nt Warner bros made a massive skyrim/Witcher open world LoTR RPG, yet or a full 7 year Harry potter RPG in the vain of Persona but with a more western polish and render. Just why? They seem allergic to money. 

Because it's not easy, you kinda need to know what you are doing, and it can be quite risky imo.  Bet you if Warner attempted to make an open world LoTR RPG like skyrim/witcher it would either be awesome (very unlikely) or would suck truck nuts (very likely).

They gave us the LoTR trilogy (really good) and then they gave us The Hobbit 'trilogy' (quite bad).

Example: this bullshit

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John2290 said:
Smartie900 said:
Avalanche Software is apparently working on a next gen Harry Potter RPG. There was some footage leaked that showed it off.


Not sure if this is actually real, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got a Harry Potter game in the next few years.

I remember this now and trying to find footage to no avail...and WOW. That looks incredible, if that is real time footage it'll be crazy. Hope it is full open world with RPG mechanics tied to attanding classes, if real and as it looks like it is set in the 50's or prior at least follows whatever character through the 7 years. 

I would love to see a system like Bully implemented in regards to attending classes and managing your time. It looks gorgeous and the particles effects and physics are blowing my mind but the development team doesn't seem to have lots of experience making gigantic and polished AAA games so I'm holding hesitation. At least the IP is being used to its fullest potential. I've always wanted a fully fleshed out Harry Potter RPG and it seems like its coming. I'm so happy developers aren't wasting the valuable properties they have on shitty licensed games anymore. 



Why haven't anyone made a space bounty hunting video game (space cowboy). Set in a dangerous galaxy sprawling with outlaws of a multitude of alien species. Ability to traverse a variety of handcrafted planets (no procedurally-generated content). Deep and interesting lore, scale and scope, and player choice/freedom akin to Elder Scrolls. Explore complex concepts and themes such as Black Holes, time travel, quality of life in planets etc. Lone travel alot like Geralt in Witcher series (no crew bullshit) so it feels like an actual journey and adventure. Basically Cowboy Bebop the game but less animeish and a character like Geralt.

I know the cancelled Prey sounded pretty similar... but thats been cancelled so yeah
Cyberpunk 2077 seems pretty close which im extremely hyped for but I dont think we'll be exploring space
Im aware Beyond Evil and Good 2 exists and is the closest to such game but I dont think Ubisoft will pull it off
I have no faith in Star Citizen

I would simply love an ambitious, large scale, hard sci-fi exploring the unknown and unpredictability of deep deep space. While also hunting some space alien baddies!

Just like....An RPG where you deal with real life situations. Say your character goes to the bathroom, cleans up, is washing his hands, and before he is even done rinsing off the soap, he has to go to the bathroom again. Gotta finish rinsing though. And dry too. Whole process again. This happens 5-6 times which causes RAGE, and an increased ability to fight goblins. And such and such.

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Why can't we have another rpg like Skies of Arcadia.

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Why haven't they made Mirror's Edge 3 yet?

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It's strange that this WB Harry Potter game disappeared from the face of the earth. Where is it goddamnit!

Why haven't they made/released a game that is what S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (will call it stalker from now on) was promised to be before stalker actually released?

If you don't know what I mean here's a really short re-cap:
Before stalkera actually released we got promises of a game with a game world that was "alive". This meaning that all NPC (enemies and friendlies alike) had the stuff to do and they would do them if not interupted by you, the player.

This in it self might not sound special in any way. The kicker is that stalker was supposed to be an open world game, this means that if you mucked around for to long without interupting NPCs (some more key than others) they would go about and finish their given objectives meaning you would lose the game while you where out just minding your own buissiness exploring some sewer or what ever.

This set up also meant that you potentially could "beat" parts of the game but not the "entire" game because the NPC might finnish some of their objectives, but not all, before being interupted by you.

Further this also promised some replayability since there would be multiple points within the game where you potentially could interupt the NPCs objectives meaning you could have your "boss" fight with some key NPCs fairly early on. Or you could have that fight right by some critical objetive point in the game.

The NPCs would also scavange the game for better gear and stuff meaning they would become more powerful the longer they would be allowed to roam the game world.

Why haven't they made a green arrow video game when he's so relevant now and it seems really easy to imagine it?

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