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thismeintiel said:
Wonder what caused the fire. Hopefully, it was natural causes or an accident. Would hate to hear someone was hateful enough to set fire to it or somewhere near it intentionally.

Well not really clear who is responsible but something happened due to or even during the renovations today that caused this fire quickly spreading. 


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Sad affair that so much historic has been lost.

Does this mean they make the land available for a nice skyscraper

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Really sad news!

It could be possible that the ongoing restaurations caused the fire, ancient wooden roof trusses are very flammable, a similar incident happened last year near my home town.

It's so sad to see this happening, all the history that there is in that place.

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The north tower of the front facade is in some danger. If one of those would collapse, it’s definitely over.

A real shame and a great loss.

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They say the structure of the building is probably saved, which means it’s unlikely that there will be more collapse. Several artifacts have also been saved. Still plenty lost sadly though.

Goodness, where will Quasimodo live now?

This is truly heartbreaking

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