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Are exclusives Anti-Consumer?

Yes 13 13.68%
No 72 75.79%
Other 10 10.53%
mZuzek said:


Definitely one of the worst uses of /thread

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Cerebralbore101 said:

The people that complain the most over exclusives are PC-Only gamers. I've always thought this was funny, because if you can afford a great gaming PC at around $1000 to $1500, then you can afford a $300 console. 

Bit of a stretch.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Some people don't like that Epic is making certain games timed exclusives. I feel for them there, because Epic still doesn't have an offline mode, and I wouldn't want to buy a game that would become unplayable should anything happen to Epic's DRM servers. 

The issue isn't so much the Epic store having exclusives, the PC is an open platform.
Steam has exclusives, Battle.net has exclusives, uPlay has exclusives, Origin has exclusives... No one really gives a shit.

What is pissing people off is that games that used to be available on all the popular digital distribution stores are being money-hatted behind a single store front.

Or ironically games that were being released on one Storefront (Steam) are suddenly being cancelled and moved to another Storefront, some users were waiting for the games full release on Steam to take the plunge... But have had that opportunity taken away.

It's a shit situation. And people are pissed. Deservedly so.

But no way is the bulk of the PC community Anti-Exclusive. We are just Anti-Bullshit.


The PC itself has exclusives that consoles don't get though and vice versa, that has been happening for decades, no one really cares.. It's a selling point that draws consumers to a particular platform.

- If Xbox didn't have Fable or Halo, there is no way I would have purchased an Original Xbox console.
- If The Super Nintendo didn't have Donkey Kong Country I would never have purchased a SNES.
- If the Nintendo 64 didn't have Golden Eye and Perfect Dark I wouldn't have purchased an N64.
- If the Playstation 1 didn't have Final Fantasy 8, I wouldn't have purchased a Playstation 1.

And just like with the PC, games like Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Black and White, Dungeon Keeper, Alpha Centauri, Civilization, Diablo, Neverwinter Nights, Baulders Gate, Icewind Dale, Arcanum, StarCraft and so much more drew me into the platform and it's been my primary platform since.

SvennoJ said:
No. Exclusives receive extra funding to get the best out of the hardware. It's only in the interest of the consumer if they want to enjoy the full potential of the hardware they spend good money on.

I think exclusives are important for every platform, it gives a platform it's identity.
Myself and I assume the bulk of the PC community just hate bait and switch tactics.

No. Play God of War...if that game isn't the result of a labor of love then I don't know what is. It is no coincidence that the greatest Looking games are exclusives (Uncharted, HZD, GoW) as resources are devoted to a single platform. It also fuels healthy competition which fosters quality. MS is probably pushing for Halo 6 to be a mind blowing game in order to steal some of Sony's thunder, Sony has won this gen on the strength of its exclusives.

Pemalite said:
SvennoJ said:
No. Exclusives receive extra funding to get the best out of the hardware. It's only in the interest of the consumer if they want to enjoy the full potential of the hardware they spend good money on.

I think exclusives are important for every platform, it gives a platform it's identity.
Myself and I assume the bulk of the PC community just hate bait and switch tactics.

PC is a bit of an odd ball. In the past it was just Mac and PC (and a bit of Linux) vying for games, yet now with digital stores it's starting to turn into a mess. Win 10 only games, windows store only games, now Epic exclusives and what not. It's all the same platform. Store identity instead of platform identity.

Anyway I didn't like it either when Valkyria Chronicles went handheld only. Franchises switching exclusivity is not very nice.

Exclusives are fine, PC gamers are just the actual definition of 'entitled gamers': though I will confess that at this point new games that release with PS4/Xbox1/PC settings do make me angry, particularly anything made with an engine the switch works (Hello Borderlands 3. Any reason you aren't on the Switch where you could have a fandom that doesn't care about Epic?)

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I'm used to exclusives being the norm.  Somehow that changed when Microsoft entered as a platform holder.  Then almost every game on Playstation ended up on XBox as well.  I kind of preferred it when consoles were more distinct from each other.  Exclusives are good.

Moneyhats are bad. That's the only thing really.
Bayo 2 or 3 are not bad because without Nintendo these games would never be made.

You don't want rise of the tomb raider deal that deal killed the franchise

I agree with first part of your comment.

However, your Rise of the Tomb Raider comment is dumb for multiple reason. Primarily the game likely sold a couple million on Xbox, then sold millions more on PS4 and PC. Not only did it not kill the franchise, but they made another game in the series and it seems like it did pretty good. Sales may have declined because Square failed to keep the IP interesting though.

You know which money hat was genuinely terrible for an IP? Street Fighter V. They forced Xbox users to play other fighting games (like SFIV via BC) and maybe Switch users are missing out as well. Although SFV is a disaster for numerous reasons beyond exclusivity, I'm kinda glad that game is something of a failure.

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Simply put, there is no benefit to consumers for any flavor of exclusivity. Whereas if all games were available for all platforms it would allow any consumer to consume any game on the platform of their choice.

The answer is yes. Exclusives are pro-producer and anti-consumer. Kinda bewildered that almost 80% of people can't quite wrap their head around such a simple idea.

The matter of exclusivity is complicated where two scenarios could emerge ...

For one, if a trailing platform provider is struggling to maintain it's viability in the current market then acquisitions of intellectual property could certainly help make them more competitive against their competitors and this certainly wouldn't be deemed as anti-consumer for the most part ...

The other scenario is where we have an existing dominant platform provider attempting to consolidate and vertically integrate the entire industry in it's business by buying up as many intellectual properties they can get a hold of which would indeed be anti-consumer since controlling large parts of the value chain would eventually become toxic to the consumer ...

I live and breathe console wars. Exclusive games help boost console sales. The exclusive games that help decide a console sales war generation. Exclusive games encourage consumers to purchase a console system.