Global Hardware 30 March 2019

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Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
82,995 74,471 49,109 238,664
67,488 78,802 23,753 203,157
48,961 15,061 76 70,993
15,446 10,601 5,196 33,463
N/A N/A 723 723


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Yoshi did actually push some hardware outside of Japan.

Woah, ps4 faced a steeper drop than I thought from last week

So here is my final estimation for FY2018, with a decrease of the stock from 2,83M to 2,50M.

But this is very uncertain with the developpement in the RoW. Some weeks ago, I have seen a car in Budapest, the WHOLE side of the car was covered with the title of SSBU. In Hungary, the Nintendo Switch is still unexistant compared to the PS4.

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if those numbers are correct then it means that there was less than 3k in the difference from the combined sales of Sony and MS machines to those from Nintendo. Hard to have pictured that scenario if you jumped back 3 years.

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Nice to see Switch back in the lead, having finally gotten a significant new game for the first time in quite a while. Crafted World may not be a killer app per se but it seems it did give the system a little push outside Japan.

Also, 70% of Xbox One's global sales came from NA. It's basically dead outside America.

Remember, the Switch is 2 years old.

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Tiny increase for switch (13k compared to last week).

kazuyamishima said:
Tiny increase for switch (13k compared to last week).

Yeah, the rest of the 35k gap is due to a 26k drop for PS4.

MasonADC said:
Woah, ps4 faced a steeper drop than I thought from last week

Well, it was sold out at some stores, maybe that contributed to it.