Have you changed your PSN ID name?

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You change ID yet?

Yes 5 14.71%
No 24 70.59%
haven't yet 5 14.71%

No, i'm quite happy with melbye82

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I use the name UtterableHook across all services. This was a random name generated by XBL's random name generator when I signed up a decade or so ago. At the time, I didn't think I'd ever care what the name was, and I didn't feel like coming up with something creative on the spot. I think the name sucks. But, after a decade plus, I'm not going to change it. And, for consistency, I've used it on PSN and other places in the years since. So, for better or worse, that's my name.

Nope. Mine is perfect the way it is.


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I have. Went from FentonCracksheIl to AhmadSumadi. Made sure ESO wouldn’t be affected before doing so though.


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No, and I won't change it. Pretty happy with my ID name.

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Nope. Been COKTOE since Alien Front Online on the Dreamcast, although there it was COCKTOE. XBL and PSN forced the removal of the second C.

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Yes, I changed during the beta last year, I was fine with my name but wanted to test the feature out and help with the beta. I've used a few different names online so I just switched to one of those that wasn't taken.

It's been months now without any issues, there are minor things like old highscores on Wipeout being registered under my old name, but any new ones take my new name. No loss of save data, trophies, DLC or unlisted purchases like Scott Pilgrim on PS3. The few known games with major issues are ones I'd never touched (I got Disc Jam on PS+ ages ago but never started it).

Glad they introduced the feature eventually since leaving it longer would just lead to more problems. Also offensive names won't result in an instant ban now so those people who chose a name that time and culture have decided is unacceptable get the option to pick a new name instead of losing everything.

Nah. I chose well and have no need for changing.

BasilZero said:
BraLoD said:
BraLoD will forever be mine.

Even if you change it, the old name is still tied to your account.

@OT - Nope, got no plans to change it.

Yup, I know it.

No I like my name