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Towards the end of March 2019, Gaming INTEL received exclusive information which suggested the next Nintendo Direct would be taking place in the month of April. In the recent post, we confirmed that we were “holding back further information until we receive confirmation from our source.”

Nintendo Direct – Thursday, April 11th

Gaming INTEL’s exclusive source, who happens to be correct on several occasions in the past, has since commented on the previous leak. In a recent message, the source in question has provided Gaming INTEL with an exact date for the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

According to our source, alongside many other insiders within our team, the “next Nintendo Direct will be taking place on April 11th, 2019.”

In addition to our sources, a Nintendo Direct surfacing on Thursday, April 11th would appear to follow the same pattern as other occurrences in the past. Main Nintendo Directs have usually been showcased towards the beginning of the month, for example. Additionally, they are also well-known for arriving on Thursday.

Until any official confirmation arises from Nintendo themselves, we should usually take leaks with a grain a salt. However, when taking into consideration Gaming INTEL’s sources track record of correctly predicting several of the previous Nintendo Directs, fans should be a little more confident on this one in particular.

PREVIOUS LEAK: Next Nintendo Direct taking place in April 2019.

There is currently no official confirmation in regards to what’ll be showcased, nor are there any rumors floating around. Nintendo actually has several plans up their sleeve for the upcoming months, however. Therefore, we can get a rough idea as to what will be detailed during the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Firstly, a host of new content has already been confirmed as on the horizon for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch.

While The Joker is scheduled to arrive, in addition to an array of other new improvements in update 3.0 later this month, fans can expect to see a partial focus on Super Smash Bros Ultimate content during the Nintendo Direct.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Back in September 2018, Nintendo announced that the next installment for Luigi’s Mansion would be making its way to Switch. With a lack of details regarding the upcoming sequel, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the Big N elaborate on further information.

As of now, players are only aware that the game is currently a working title and will be releasing in 2019. While this is a highly-anticipated title for the Switch, fans will without a doubt be eagerly waiting for a release date announcement during the April Nintendo Direct.

Other New Titles

As with all Nintendo Directs, fans can certainly expect to see a wide range of other entirely new titles announced for the Switch. These are currently unknown as of now, however.

One thing which is for sure is whatever Nintendo decides to introduce, it will certainly be widely acclaimed from the vast majority of fans.

Apparently these folks have correctly guessed the last few directs. Are we really due for another one? Could this be the farewell for Reggie?

Just give me Pikmin 4 already.

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Isn't the 11th supposed to be Reggie's last day?
Could be a farewell to him, which I'm completely ok with.

Edit: Reggie's last day is actually the 15th. But still.

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Well.. here we go again


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I remain skeptical at this time. Gaming Intel is a mixed bag really but I hope it's soon. There's a lot going on in April, a decent amount of games coming to Switch, Nintendo's FY Earnings Report, The Persona 5S info, Smash Updates, etc. so I guess this would be a decent spot to put a Direct.

Ljink96 said:
I remain skeptical at this time. Gaming Intel is a mixed bag really but I hope it's soon. There's a lot going on in April, a decent amount of games coming to Switch, Nintendo's FY Earnings Report, The Persona 5S info, Smash Updates, etc. so I guess this would be a decent spot to put a Direct.

I agree.  I didn't need this rumor to believe that we'd get an April direct since there's more than enough significant Summer releases (announced and heavily rumored) to fill one. 

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I don't get how it's taken this long for someone to post this today on here lol. I saw it on websites this morning first thing. Hopefully it's true!

gaming intel isnt very reliable, but we'll see

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It would be nice if it turns out to be true. We'll see.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Seems reasonable to me to have one in April. The last one was in February and if the same passage of time is used the next one would be in June around E3, allowing Nintendo to give us a check in on what they're doing every two months. I believe that this one will happen.

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It makes relative sense but I ain't trusting jack sh*t from anybody when it comes to these rumors. Anyway, they'll get it someday but this isn't the one.

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