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AbbathTheGrim said:
The Fury said:
So are Epic saying: "Use our engine and you have to put the game on our store first."?

My guess is that Epic Store timed exclusives must work like other timed exclusive business done by third parties with console makers: some money in exchange of timed exclusivity.

Yep.  They even removed Metro from Steam days before launching.  

hunter_alien said:
The Fury said:
So are Epic saying: "Use our engine and you have to put the game on our store first."?

Nope, Epic is saying, 'use our store, and lose only 12% of the revenue, and have better visibility than on a shitty, over-clogged app-store.

Good. Steam finally has a relevant competitor. Maybe Gabe will get up from his lazy ass and start doing relevant stuff again. Where is my fucking Portal 3?!?!?

Gabe is working on VR.  

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AbbathTheGrim said:
Pfft, what's the hurry? Games like Borderlands shouldn't even be played before the inevitable "Game of the Year" or whatever special edition with all the DLCs that come several months later.

This.  I always wait for the inevitable GOTY/Ultimate/Gold/Super Duper edition of a game with all the dlc included.  

AbbathTheGrim said:
Shikamo said:

Dude, piracy is wrong, ok? But when you pirate, always go with CODEX and Fitgirl repacks.

Its just a joke :P. Anyway, i'll buy for ps4.


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Guess I ain't buying BL3 from this point on then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Never really liked Randy and I knew he was a liar. I knew he and 2k made that deal with Epic months ago, via his twitter posts. You don't open up with "what's wrong with the EGS" and not know jack shit about it, especially when you're a dev/CEO of a company, that's more involved with the industry than a common bystander looking from the outside. Randy knew exactly what was going on and wanted to defend the deal months prior.


Okay. Good to know, I'll look there first.

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RaptorChrist said:
I'm really enjoying this Steam vs Epic Games Store debacle. Getting a free game every two weeks is quite nice, and hopefully it will encourage Steam to step up their game. I am, however, a bit skeptical about the long-term goals of Epic. They have a sweet, 12% cut of the revenue, which is a major draw for publishers compared to Steam's 30%. The reason I'm skeptical is because I can see Epic raising this fee should they ever be in a position where they can do so.

In other words, Epic isn't being generous with their 12% share... They are simply doing what they need to do in an attempt to get the Lion's share.

Not sure what Steam can do to compete against a moneyhat other than moneyhatting as well

The 30% cut argument is a fallacy because publishers can generate unlimited number of keys and sell them wherever they want including their own stores and still get 100% or whatever they’ve negotiated with humble, gmg, etc 

A good example of this is Squareenix and Paradox where they sell their games for better prices than on the Steam store.

Literally all my FF game purchases have been on their online store since they offered 66% sale on steam keys compared to the standard 50% sale that was on the steam store.

I think Epic will increase the cut too because there’s only so many times they can continue to moneyhat and provide such a low cut. 

If the cut was the actual issue , then Discord Nitro and Itch.io would have been popular considering they both offer a better cut rate than Epic, GOG or Steam.


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I was wrong.

They also don't offer as many services to developers as Steam does.

Steam also is only 20% cut for bigger games.  

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Until this game comes out on the Wii shop, I REFUSE!

Shikamo said:

Ore wa???? Nanni!?

Watashitachi wa kaizoku Oni .

Fitgirl and Codes master race

EGS is going to be awesome for sure

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