Anyone else find "bad frame pacing" totally unnoticeable?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone else find "bad frame pacing" totally unnoticeable?

I haven't had any problems playing Bloodborne. Either I got lucky and it wasn't too bad or I'm not very good at noticing.

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As a console gamer, I don't notice it much, but it's probably because I'm not used to the fluidity/fidelity high end PC gaming offers. When I've seen a nice rig in action, I do notice how super smooth it looks compared to what I usually play (now PS4). However, I'm still not sure how low/bad framerate compares with bad frame pacing.

Favorite PS4 game is Bloodborne. DF calls out basically all From Software games for bad frame pacing and BB is no exception, but aside from the occasional stutter in high action areas, I don't notice the frame pacing issue. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

I've thought the same thing.  Maybe frame pacing issues are overblown.  But then again, once in a while you can clearly see the hardware struggling to make 20fps.

I can't tell 60 fps from 30 fps so no I don't notice bad frame pacing.

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I notice frame issues quite easily, playing at higher resolutions makes it stand it more as well.

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I can see it when digital foundry has a Wavey graph they point to as though it's important.

Then I post about how they claim it makes the game feel very unresponsive so I never play it myself. Watching a frame time graph complaining about it online almost provides that same feeling of... Fun that I used to get from playing games, but now it's like I'm playing them online when I help others to see that the games they're playing aren't responsive and they stop playing and agree with me online.

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StuOhQ said:
Mar1217 said:

They sadly got the power to make people perceive games differently because of this which is why I've been away from that stuff most of the time.

I like that they're able to quantify the experience in terms of performance. Usually, their videos just reinforce things I've already noticed in the game and they are almost always fair. I have never seen them blast a game that I felt performed well - the fanboys in the comment section, however... certainly do blow every little technical limitation way out of proportion. 

That's the problem, they've got the kind of influence that can get a game a bad reputation on performance alone. Their analysis are very informative though.

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I can see it, but I agree that It's blown out of proportion. It's barely an issue for me.

the-pi-guy said:
I haven't had any problems playing Bloodborne. Either I got lucky and it wasn't too bad or I'm not very good at noticing.

Thats kinda the thing,most overlook it and others focus on it and get annoyed.

I kind of wonder if people in this thread have just never played a game with very bad frame pacing. Just because someone mentions that a game has frame pacing issues doesn't mean they are so severe as to be noticeable. There are very severe cases of it I have played though: Bloodborne and Nier Automata (but I think Nier also runs worse on PRO)